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Opinion | Meet the Man Behind Trump’s Biden Tweet - The New York Times
“The 30 second spots on TV aren’t the way to market anymore. The stuff online that people dismiss as memes — that’s the way to motivate people,” he added. “It’s the viral political marketing of the future.”

In theory, his story is a perfect realization of the utopian understanding of the utopian promise of the internet: a truly democratic system of communication where anyone, anywhere can create things and get them seen by important people — even the president!

But in keeping with our current political moment, that utopian vision is used for vapid, divisive ends. The reality, as we should all know by now, is darker and a whole lot dumber.
presidenttrump  memes  politics  misinformation 
september 2019 by kme
Perl: The Next Generation - YouTube
This is my "secret" diversity talk aimed at the guys and focusing on how good, but homogenous, people can create an unwelcoming community without realizing it. The solution lies in restructuring how we make decisions, it lies in Kirk vs Picard. And anybody can be a Picard.

A fucking awesome talk that just lays it all out. Favorite quote "Have we optimized for thick-skinned library developers?"
perl  memes  humor  conference  talk  video  programming  diversity 
august 2017 by kme

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