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<code>To merge in changes from Github, do this:
- Commit any pending changes.
- Setup the merge tool:
git config merge.tool vimdiff
git config merge.conflictstyle diff3
git config mergetool.prompt false
- Run the merge tool:
git mergetool
This will open a four-way diff between:
LOCAL - your current version
BASE - version as it was at your last sync
REMOTE - version at head on Github
MERGED - best-effort merge of LOCAL and REMOTE
Now find places where automatic merge didn't work, they are marked with
<<<<<<<<, ======= and >>>>>>>
Fix those places in MERGED, remove the markers, and save the file :wqall.</code>
vim  devel  git  vimdiff  merging  merge  mergetool  tipsandtricks 
september 2019 by kme
version control - Aborting a merge in Git - Stack Overflow []
Since your pull was unsuccessful then just HEAD is the last "valid" commit on your branch (not HEAD^):

git reset --hard HEAD
git  whenthingsgowrong  merge  abortabort  solution 
july 2014 by kme

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