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Starting in a particular directory

The working directory for a mintty session can be set in the Start In field of a shortcut, or by changing directory in an invoking script. Note, however, that Cygwin's /etc/profile script for login shells automatically changes to the user's home directory. The profile script can be told not to do this by setting a variable called CHERE_INVOKING, like this:

mintty /bin/env CHERE_INVOKING=1 /bin/bash -l

Here's what the HKCR\Directory\Background\Shell\cygwin64_bash\(Default) registry key looks like:
C:\CygWin\bin\mintty.exe -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "%V"

So you can use 'xhere' with EasyShell ( in Eclipse to accomplish the same thing. Here was the result (in EasyShell's config page in Eclipse prefs):
c:\cygwin\bin\mintty -t "{4}" -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash "{2}"
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