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Why desktop apps are coming back – Hiri |
I’m really impressed with Figma, and maybe I just need to get over it, but I prefer that Sketch is doing its own thing, in a separate compartment that is not my browser. I like that it asks me if I would like to update rather than force it down my neck like most online SaaS stuff. I like that when I open a file I’m not uploading it to someone else’s server. I like that I feel that I’ve paid for, rather than rented the tool I’m using.

The basic form factor of a PC is the product of natural and obvious evolution. It’s difficult to imagine a PC or laptop being useful without a screen a keyboard and a mouse. And the operating system/desktop app combination is the inevitable consequence of this technology. It has endured because we haven’t found the next step. iPads with keyboards are a just a bad laptop. Web apps are a bad facsimile of desktop apps. They are not the strongest branch in the evolutionary tree that is our interaction with computers.
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december 2018 by kme
Goodbye, Native Mobile Apps
Later, The New York Times synthesized those ideas into “Snow Fall,” the story that helped popularize those concepts.
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november 2015 by kme
Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Can’t Stop Believing — Backchannel — Medium
People ask me about the privacy things all the time. I don’t want people to think that we’re being creepy — I want to expose this, so I can say if you carry this thing in your pocket, you get smarter. We understand where you’ve been, but we don’t share it with anyone.
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april 2015 by kme
How a new HTML element will make the Web faster | Ars Technica
Perhaps the best thing about being naive, though, is that you tend to plow forward without the hesitation that attends someone who knows how difficult the road ahead will be.
html  web  standards  mobile  webdesign  responsive  article 
september 2014 by kme
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