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See the bookmark for for a minimal (functional) Gemfile and Guardfile to get guard-livereload working. Good luck figuring out all that from the Guard docs alone.
automation  monitoring  ruby  gem  webdevel  devel 
april 2016 by kme
This tool can be described as a Tiny, Dirty, Linux-and-OSX-Only C command that looks for coreutils basic commands (cp, mv, dd, tar, gzip/gunzip, cat, etc.) currently running on your system and displays the percentage of copied data.
monitoring  sysadmin  cli  commandline  utility  software 
july 2015 by kme
javascript - How to measure time taken by a function to execute - Stack Overflow
var start = new Date().getTime();

for (i = 0; i < 50000; ++i) {
// do something

var end = new Date().getTime();
var time = end - start;
alert('Execution time: ' + time);
javascript  performance  monitoring  benchmarking  solution 
may 2014 by kme

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