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Optional Features - NeoMutt
set imap_authenticators="login"

when working with DavMail
davmail  mutt  imap  mua  email  configsettings  solution 
may 2019 by kme
How do I set Thunderbird as my default mail app? | Official Apple Support Communities |
Yeah, this doesn't seem to "stick" on OS X 10.11.6.

Part of the problem /might/ have been that Firefox itself was set up to use Changing that to Thunderbird at least makes this problem 50% less annoying. itself *still* doesn't seem to remember what you set as the default mail client, though.
annoyance  mac  osx  thunderbird  defaults  mua  sortof  solution 
november 2017 by kme
Nylas Mail | Nylas - The best free email app -
What's kind of bullshit is that all your mail credentials are now stored on a third-party server; another ToS and privacy policy and someone else's database to get hacked (unless they use client-side encryption).
email  mua  client  electron 
october 2017 by kme
Using mutt on OS X –
Includes really helpful and comprehensive setup guides for both Exim and Postfix. You'll also want to "enable access for less secure apps" in your Google account settings, otherwise you'll get some kind of SASL failure error message:
mutt  mac  osx  mua  email  howto  postfix  mta  postmaster  sysadmin  reference  exim 
june 2016 by kme
Linux/Documentation/email-clients.txt - Linux Cross Reference - Free Electrons
231 To beat some sense out of the internal editor, do this:
233 - Edit your Thunderbird config settings so that it won't use format=flowed.
234 Go to "edit->preferences->advanced->config editor" to bring up the
235 thunderbird's registry editor.
237 - Set "mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed" to "false"
239 - Set "mailnews.wraplength" from "72" to "0"
241 - "View" > "Message Body As" > "Plain Text"
243 - "View" > "Character Encoding" > "Unicode (UTF-8)"
linux  email  mua  format=flowed 
november 2015 by kme

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