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A minimalist guide to tmux | Hacker News
Well, I was half-joking :-) and I did expect that few people would know about C-\ for SIGQUIT. Myself, I find it very useful for programs written by people who think it's a good idea to capture SIGINT (it's not), because same people (and I will refrain from using adjectives) forget about SIGQUIT most of the time. Which means I can quickly kill a misbehaving program without typing something in a separate shell.
tmux  terminal  multiplexer  jobcontrol  keybindings  tipsandtricks 
july 2019 by kme
How do I equally balance tmux(1) split panes? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


select-layout even-vertical
Usually assigned to: C-b M-2


select-layout even-horizontal
Usually assigned to: C-b M-1
tmux  windowmanagement  multiplexer  hotkey  solution 
june 2016 by kme

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