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shundhammer/qphotoview: Qt-based photo viewer that concentrates on what photographers need.
I like how salty this guy is about all the "other" Linux image viewers. Gave a shoutout to 'xv' though!
qt  photo  viewer  multimedia  photography  opensource  gui  needshelp 
7 days ago by kme
827976 - Creating the hidden window lazily on non-Mac platforms
Could this be why shortcuts don't work until the first time a menu selection is triggered?
thunerbird  bug  regression  a11y  macos  shortcutkey  hotkey  needshelp 
9 days ago by kme
Arithmetic expressions [Bash Hackers Wiki]
Should note that return value is always decimal, and that you can use 'printf' to format the result in another base, e.g.,
<code class="language-bash">printf "%o\n" $(( 0777 & 0066 ))
# result: 66</code>
bash  expansion  arithmeticexpansion  math  needshelp  shellscripting 
june 2019 by kme
#12130 (Add Python 3 compatibility using six) – The Trac Project
I doubt the branch discussed in comment:6 is suitable for use in production by even a very proficient Python developer. What's your motivation for running with Python 3?
python  2to3  trac  wiki  issuetracker  porting  needshelp 
june 2019 by kme
offer to help with Python 3 support - Google Groups
Looking at Jun's work, it seems he is more or less reimplementing a subset of the functionality that six provides in `trac.util.compat`. I think adding six as a dependency or vendoring it (Django's solution) would save some work. Either approach is fine with me, just let me know what you think.
trac  wiki  issuetracker  python  2to3  needshelp  alterantiveto  github  gitlab  mediawiki 
june 2019 by kme
yest download |
Needs to be modified to support 'now', or 'today' as starting time/dates.
Download yest for free. This is a command line date/time manipulation and formatting program, very useful in scripts. You can easily add or subtract days, hours and/or minutes from a specified date.
timeanddate  unix  c  shellscripting  commandline  essential  movein  needshelp 
june 2019 by kme
Issues · ether/etherpad-lite · GitHub |
There really needs to be away to resize the chat pane. :-(
Etherpad: Really real-time collaborative document editing - ether/etherpad-lite
etherpad  realtime  colloboration  chat  webapp  bug  annoyance  needshelp 
march 2019 by kme
Floating windows not docking in main window · Issue #984 · sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser · GitHub |
Details for the issue I can't get a floating window to dock at the main window's borders. Hovering the dock above the main window has no effect. Useful extra information Double clicking on the title bar of a floating window correctly doc...
sqlitebrowser  qt  gui  sqllite  dba  database  bug  annoyance  needshelp 
march 2019 by kme
makefile - How do I get $(error ...) to work conditionally in GNU Make? - Stack Overflow |
This looks like it should, but doesn't actually work (for me, or apparently the OP):

<code class="language-makefile">
ifeq ($(shell test -d /foobar; echo $$?),1) $(error Not a directory) endif
make  makefile  conditional  syntax  devel  sortof  solution  needshelp 
february 2019 by kme
A stupid proposal: fill stackexchange with Miller · Issue #212 · johnkerl/miller |
Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON - johnkerl/miller
textprocessing  importexport  conversion  delimitedtext  tabdelimited  csv  miller  sampleusage  needshelp 
january 2019 by kme
Shortcut key for bookmark toolbar in Firefox - Super User |
This suggests using the Hide BookmarksBar extension, which used to be a great option, but this no longer works in the era of WebExtensions.
firefox  bookmarksbar  annoyance  likechrome  needshelp 
february 2018 by kme
load data infile - Importing a very large tab delimited file into MySQL WITHOUT first creating a table - Stack Overflow |
I don't want to create a table, I want some computer thing to figure out how long my fields need to be (and of what types) and then make the table automatically.
mysql  importexport  tabdelimited  needshelp 
january 2018 by kme
Ubuntu: Only works in debug mode · Issue #19 · wavexx/screenkey |
<code class="language-bash">
# it's set to "!@im=ibus" by default, but ibus-daemon isn't running

# don't need this if you run the previous one
ibus-daemon -d -x

screenkey -d

See also: and
ibus  inputmethod  screencasting  elementaryos  errormessage  solution  needshelp  bug  workaround 
january 2018 by kme
primary key is not shown in ModelView · Issue #52 · flask-admin/flask-admin |
Need to find a way of making a primary key field *optional*, and making it non-editable in the "edit" form.

This works to hide it from the create / edit forms entirely (making it non-required upon form submission):
Flask-Admin manages create and edit forms separately.

You can override get_edit_form:

And do something like:
<code class="language-python">
class MyView(ModelView):
def get_edit_form(s...
flask-admin  watchthisspace  maybesolution  needshelp 
january 2018 by kme
artemanufrij/webpin: An elementary OS app
Wish list:

- cookie clearing
- search keywords (search box in headerbar)
elementaryos  ssb  browser  alternativeto  prism  chromeapp  fogapp  needshelp 
december 2017 by kme
Man pages docset? · Issue #115 · zealdocs/zeal
These do not look great, and they're just the POSIX manpages, so they'll be different from the ones actually installed on your system (e.g., missing GNU Findutils and so forth). Needs help.

1. Download from here
2. Extract it to Linux.docset folder
3. Move this folder to Zeal docsets (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Zeal\Zeal\docsets or ~/.local/share/Zeal/Zeal/docsets/
zeal  manpages  documentation  solution  linux  devel  fuckina  needshelp 
december 2017 by kme
GitHub - AutoKey, a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11
Looks like you need to install either or both of libdbus-1-dev and libdbus-glib-1-dev.

On later Ubuntus (18.x-ish) and elementaryOS Juno (5.0) you randomly needed to install gir1.2-gtksource-3.0, otherwise you get an error about namespaces not being available.
automation  hotkey  scripting  python  python3  needshelp  alternativeto  texter  textexpander  phraseexpress 
november 2017 by kme
lookup - /usr/bin/perl : Symbol look-up error; undefined symbol: Perl_Istack_sp_ptr - Stack Overflow |
Got this error message in a local::lib installation where some modules had been installed (probably) under a different architecture (threaded vs. not)
perl  errormessage  maybesolution  needshelp 
november 2017 by kme
Add a font option for the editor, and other note content · Issue #274 · Automattic/simplenote-electron -
As a workaround, especially for CJK users, edit Simplenote\resources\app\dist\app.js. Search the font style string (-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", "Roboto", "Oxygen-Sans", "Ubuntu", "Cantarell", "Helvetica Neue", sans-serif;), and add or replace with your custom font name, for example 'Microsoft YaHei' .
editor  monospace  fixedwidth  font  annoyance  workaround  sortof  solution  needshelp 
october 2017 by kme
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