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The error message was "An error occurred during recursive file tree walk." while trying something like

nsacl -R -a A:fd:root@localdomain:RX .

probably because setting "inherit" permissions on files doesn't make any sense, and it balks on that.
Only oddity I've found so far is that recursive operations fail when using the d or f inheritance flags because nfs4_setfacl tries to apply them to files as well as directories, which obviously doesn't make sense.


find . -type f -exec nfs4_setfacl -a A::root@localdomain:RX {} \;
find . -type d -exec nfs4_setfacl -a A:df:root@localdomain:RX {} \;
nfsv4  nfs4_setfacl  solution  acl  sysadmin  permissions  unix  errormessage 
september 2014 by kme

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