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Can't change window size on spreadsheets in Excel - Microsoft Community |
Weird fucking feature.
What I found was that a spreadsheet had "Protection" turned on. This was preventing me from being able to resize the window. After I turned "Protection" off I was able to resize.

Tools -> Protection -> Unprotect (could vary)
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january 2018 by kme
ics - Outlook 2011 for Mac - subscribe to iCalendar feed? - Super User
This seems to be the definitive answer. Outlook 2007 for Windows (and later) have the capability of adding links to .ics files (e.g., webcal://...), but not Outlook 2011 for Mac.

The only solution seems to be to add the public .ics to iCal, then set up synchronization somehow. Links in the answers on superuser may explain this process further.
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january 2013 by kme

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