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Less than 24 Hours on Udemy as an Instructor and I Am Close to Leaving - Nick Janetakis
At the end of the day Udemy only cares about sales and students

This is a fair assessment to make given the above. Udemy has millions of students and tens of thousands of courses.

All they have to do is spam $10 sales all year round (which is what they do) and get tens of thousands of students to make $10 purchases. Udemy students are trained to only ever buy courses for $10.

If you aggregate all of that together you can see Udemy is crushing it. The problem is, instructors are getting completely crushed from these $10 sales.

From the comments:
An artifact of digital good purchasing is that people will agonize and spend several hours before parting with a few dollars (paradox of choice) while they would happily plop down the same amount for a coffee that is enjoyed for 10 minutes. There isn't an easy way to distinguish between the benefits of a $10 course and your $149 course in the attention span of the digital buyer as they are skimming through several seemingly similar offerings and several more that a Google search returns. It would require a huge suspension of disbelief that a $149 course is 15x better than $10 (even though it might be)
I think the problem faced by anybody wanting to create a competitor to Udemy is that delivering video would be a great way to burn through a heap of cash is a short period of time.
Another option I didn't see mentioned in the comments is

But my personal preference is completely self-hosting. I use Wordpress + MemberMouse (w/Stripe & PayPal for payment) and keep the entire course revenue, minus only the small payment processing fees.

I just host my videos on Amazon S3 and embed them in the page. Underneath the video is downloadable text and audio, and I have a quiz plugin, too. That's it. No fancy course creator features needed. 3,000+ students so far and nobody has ever complained about the setup.
I always had this uneasy feeling about udemy, but I just couldn't put my finger on what made me feel sketched out about it. And today I read your post, the Troy Hunt episode and another one on medium. No more udemy for me. Thanks for sharing.
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