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OmniOS Community Edition
illumos based server OS with ZFS, DTrace, Crossbow, SMF, Bhyve, KVM and Linux zone support
solaris  opensource  os  distro 
june 2019 by kme
How can I find which operating system my Ruby program is running on? - Stack Overflow
Use the RUBY_PLATFORM constant, and optionally wrap it in a module to make it more friendly:

<code class="language-ruby">
module OS
(/cygwin|mswin|mingw|bccwin|wince|emx/ =~ RUBY_PLATFORM) != nil

def OS.mac?
(/darwin/ =~ RUBY_PLATFORM) != nil

def OS.unix?

def OS.linux?
OS.unix? and not OS.mac?
ruby  os  platform  detection  solution 
december 2017 by kme
Mac OS X will not connect to webdav server but cadaver will - Server Fault
Investigate the cause of DAVLib appending trailing slash to request URI and post the solution here...
todo  mac  os  x  webdav  dav  apache  annoyance 
august 2010 by kme

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