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Apple iPad Pro review 2018: the fastest iPad is still an iPad - The Verge |
Apple seems to want it both ways with the iPad Pro: it loves to tout the iPad’s laptop-dwarfing sales figures and industry-leading performance, but when pushed on the iPad’s limitations, the company insists that the iPad is still an ongoing attempt to build the future of computing, not a laptop replacement.

But after eight years, this double-sided argument is no longer tenable. Unlike virtually every other computer, the iPad is a product of Apple’s singular vision: the company designs the display, the processor, the operating system, and the limits of the applications and accessories that plug into it. And after all this time, it’s clear that whatever roadblocks and frustrations exist in using the iPad Pro are there because Apple wants them there. There just aren’t that many excuses left.
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december 2018 by kme
8 Odd Beauty Standards in Turn-of-the-Century Photographs | Mental Floss

What purpose does the Oxford comma serve?

Marco McClean lori58 • 2 days ago

It indicates a cheerful, though perhaps coquettish, nature, devoid of criminal tendencies, guile, and dark primitive umbrage. Therefore, it should be brushed, or scraped, in, and never out, unless it is for the world of to-morrow, in which our story is set, where the sake of future historical accuracy obviously outweighs the need to hook a husband in the here and now. Of course, if commas are hideously pronounced at the nostrils, or bracket the corners of the mouth like little bulwarks against marauding insects, then throw the future out the window, dear, and concentrate your efforts on the here, and the now.
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august 2016 by kme

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