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SKYWAY [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ] - YouTube |
David Szczesniak
5 months ago
born too late to explore the oceans and map the world
born too early to explore the stars and map the galaxy
born just in time to witness the retrowave revolution and jam to the best synths since the 80s

CJ Meiko
2 months ago
1980's (teenager): Cool music, but whatever

2019 (50 year old): I forgot what good music sounded like

Bob Belcher
1 month ago
80's music was good. But this stuff is made from newer synthesizers that "sound like" 80's stuff. Its much more polished and compressed. While I respect the origins that date back then, this stuff really takes you somewhere new.

Chilly Willy
1 month ago
Cj, that's exactly How I feel. I was a teen in the late 80's and still remember the mid-late 70's vividly. Miami Vice sold Me on synth / electro forever.. Thanks Jan Hammer, Giorgio Moroder etc..
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december 2019 by kme
Deus Ex - Soundtrack (UMX) - YouTube
So... Alexander Brandon of Tyrian fame?

Lamenting the challenging games of yesteryear in the comments:
No skill, no challenge, no nothing of that nature today. Just, easy games, pay to win, like you said, it's all about win win win with less effort as possible. It's sad.
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august 2019 by kme
Twin Peaks: The Return (Johnny Jewel - Windswept) - YouTube
A great edit, but it reminded me a lot of how much of a void it left when it ended.

How sad and mesmerizing this is... Season 3 got me think that all your hopes are useless, and you could do anything, there's no way out of the world. More likely it's an infinite journey in which sometimes you can control your fate, sometimes you're just a snowflake in a blizzard, a click in the wheel of fortune, or an arc in the karma.
twinpeaks  fanedit  playlist  video  forthecomments 
july 2019 by kme
Blood Of The Past - YouTube
Matt of All Trades, Master of Most
This song makes me want to kick 30 ninjas in the face with a motorcycle

skiboot steeze boot
This is like Egyptian hip hop and doom metal vibes, but jazz

James Bradas
This sounds like what I'd imagine a Budos Band and Moon Hooch collaboration would sound like... goddamn that was intense

Gianluca Tarchi
Does anyone know italian 70s group Perigeo..?
The last 3 minutes of this trip made me think of that.
Simply Wonderful

Mathew Saenz
It's like The Mars Volta and Tame Impala shared the same needle. ❤

I feel like I need to take a shower after listening to this.

Gat dang, this is wavy.

D Lux
Death Grips but MC Ride is a saxophone. But in all seriousness this stuff is amazing.
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june 2019 by kme
Miami Cyber Nights Exclusive Drive Radio Synthwave Mixtape 05 - YouTube
Miami Cyber Nights Exclusive Drive Radio Synthwave Mixtape 05
synthwave  playlist 
june 2019 by kme
The Midnight - Nocturnal (Full Album) - YouTube |
Late Night Guitar Adventures 10 months ago

Second track is KILLER. I stared aggressively up into the mirror during the sax breakdowns while gripping the sink in my bathroom.

Jonathan Lewis 10 months ago

Late Night Guitar Adventures Whoaaaa...youre at a year 2000 and we need you down at a 1985 bro. Chill.
retrowave  playlist  forthecomments 
september 2018 by kme
Playing Podcasts in order on iPod Nano
"Navigate to the iPod’s Podcasts screen (the screen that lists all your podcasts rather than an individual podcast’s screen), select the podcast you’d like to listen to (again, something like the Macworld Podcast rather than an individual episode), and press the iPod’s Play button. The iPod will play the oldest episode first, then the next oldest, and on and on until it eventually plays the most recent episode."

ipod  nano  podcast  annoyance  playlist  solution 
march 2014 by kme

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