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Wedding ceremony needs redesign, says philosopher Alain de Botton - Home | Out in the Open with Piya Chattopadhyay | CBC Radio
How are you mad? How are you crazy? Who are you? Who are you, emotionally? What are the walls (warps?), distortions, and fragility(ies) in your emotional nature that are going to make you hard to live with?
marriage  society  connection  advice  livingtogether  podcast 
july 2016 by kme
Don't Switch to Linux | LINUX Unplugged 15 - YouTube
Spot on with the discussion at 22:00 about the greeting card maker
windows  vendorlockin  upgrading  linux  video  podcast 
september 2015 by kme
Playing Podcasts in order on iPod Nano
"Navigate to the iPod’s Podcasts screen (the screen that lists all your podcasts rather than an individual podcast’s screen), select the podcast you’d like to listen to (again, something like the Macworld Podcast rather than an individual episode), and press the iPod’s Play button. The iPod will play the oldest episode first, then the next oldest, and on and on until it eventually plays the most recent episode."

ipod  nano  podcast  annoyance  playlist  solution 
march 2014 by kme

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