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Tips - mintty - Tips on setting up mintty and related programs - Terminal window for Cygwin and MSYS - Google Project Hosting
This project has a really well-documented wiki, with just the kind of "tips and tricks" that prove the developers rely on this software themselves, and have explored lots of use cases.
exemplary  documentation  opensource  windows  projectstowatch  cygwin  wiki 
february 2014 by kme
Introducing Tabula - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
Today we’re pleased to announce the initial public release of Tabula, a collaboration born out of these previously separate projects. Tabula is free and available under the MIT open-source license. Tabula lets you upload a (text-based) PDF file into a simple web interface and magically pull tabular data into CSV format.
computervision  webapp  csv  converter  pdf  ProjectstoWatch 
april 2013 by kme
PopClip for Mac
AutoKey could use something like this to wrap arbitrary { HTML | code } tags around text.
apps  app  mac  osx  software  goodidea  projectstowatch  webdevel  todo  inspiration  utility  shellenhancement 
july 2012 by kme
Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine
Seems to work with GNU Mailman (the old version, without the built-in indexing and search); ref:
mlm  searchandindex  todo  projectstowatch  mailinglists 
november 2010 by kme

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