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command line - What do the STAT column values in ps mean? - Ask Ubuntu
It's because I never think to search for "PROCESS STATE CODES" when I'm trying to find this in the manual page.
man ps has all the answers, under the "PROCESS STATE CODES" heading:

Here are the different values that the s, stat and state output specifiers (header "STAT" or "S") will display to describe the state of a process:
D uninterruptible sleep (usually IO)
R running or runnable (on run queue)
S interruptible sleep (waiting for an event to complete)
T stopped, either by a job control signal or because it is being traced.
W paging (not valid since the 2.6.xx kernel)
X dead (should never be seen)
Z defunct ("zombie") process, terminated but not reaped by its parent.

For BSD formats and when the stat keyword is used, additional characters may be displayed:
< high-priority (not nice to other users)
N low-priority (nice to other users)
L has pages locked into memory (for real-time and custom IO)
s is a session leader
l is multi-threaded (using CLONE_THREAD, like NPTL pthreads do)
+ is in the foreground process group.
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