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cmake (written in C++) - so huge and bloated, compilation takes longer than compiling GCC (!). It’s not even possible to create freestanding Makefiles, since the generated Makefiles call back into the cmake binary itself. Usage of cmake requires learning a new custom scripting language with very limited expressiveness. Its major selling point is the existence of a clicky-click GUI for windows users.
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january 2019 by kme
How Not To Make Coffee |
And all of this for a purpose that is, on its face, highly dubious. Common defenses of the Keurig go something like Yeah, but when you’re staying by yourself in a hotel, it’s really convenient, or I live alone so it’s really great for me. But the thing is, you can brew a single serving of coffee with a drip coffeemaker that involves no computing components whatsoever; even at the level of pure individualism, it only slows the process down by a few minutes, tops. You can brew a single serving of coffee with a French press involving absolutely no moving parts; I do it every day, and it takes maybe 10 minutes from the time I turn the heat on under a kettle of water to the time I fill my absurdly large travel mug. To whatever extent people did not brew single servings of coffee prior to the advent and widespread adoption of the Keurig machine, it was not because they couldn’t do it; it was because it makes more sense to just brew a pot of coffee so everybody can have some.

Only a culture sunken to a really frightening and apocalyptic level of libertarian stupidity would regard the Keurig machine [...] as a technological improvement upon the drip coffeemaker, or the French press, or putting some coffee grounds in a fucking saucepan with some water and holding it over a campfire for a little while until the water smells good. It is not technologically superior to any of those! It is vastly technologically inferior to all of them. It is a wasteful piece of trash. It is not a machine engineered to improve anything or to resolve a problem, but only and entirely the pretext for a sales pitch, a means to separate someone from their money.

Appropriately, then, it also makes shitty, bad-tasting coffee! The Keurig machine is the stupidest machine in the entire goddamn world; it is as stupid as the society that called it into existence. I would suggest taking your Keurig machine outside and smashing it with a fucking sledgehammer, but the exotic materials inside it probably would irradiate a watershed. Bury it in a salt cavern. Jettison it into space.
keurig  coffee  plannedobsolescence  rant 
november 2017 by kme
Against Minimalism
On a planet with so many artists, so many visionaries, who are forced to broadcast their art online to try and make a living in a brutally unforgiving economy, it’s so heartbreaking to see so many young visionaries who can clearly see taking a bold step forward with technology ignored, for this mass, focus tested aesthetic of “minimalism,” with its dry, unfeeling plastic and lack of character — and you wonder how we strayed so far from the bold visions of masterpieces like Blade Runner and Akira.
tech  thefuture  design  minimalism  rant  stopthistrainiwanttogetoff 
september 2016 by kme
Less than 24 Hours on Udemy as an Instructor and I Am Close to Leaving - Nick Janetakis
At the end of the day Udemy only cares about sales and students

This is a fair assessment to make given the above. Udemy has millions of students and tens of thousands of courses.

All they have to do is spam $10 sales all year round (which is what they do) and get tens of thousands of students to make $10 purchases. Udemy students are trained to only ever buy courses for $10.

If you aggregate all of that together you can see Udemy is crushing it. The problem is, instructors are getting completely crushed from these $10 sales.

From the comments:
An artifact of digital good purchasing is that people will agonize and spend several hours before parting with a few dollars (paradox of choice) while they would happily plop down the same amount for a coffee that is enjoyed for 10 minutes. There isn't an easy way to distinguish between the benefits of a $10 course and your $149 course in the attention span of the digital buyer as they are skimming through several seemingly similar offerings and several more that a Google search returns. It would require a huge suspension of disbelief that a $149 course is 15x better than $10 (even though it might be)
I think the problem faced by anybody wanting to create a competitor to Udemy is that delivering video would be a great way to burn through a heap of cash is a short period of time.
Another option I didn't see mentioned in the comments is

But my personal preference is completely self-hosting. I use Wordpress + MemberMouse (w/Stripe & PayPal for payment) and keep the entire course revenue, minus only the small payment processing fees.

I just host my videos on Amazon S3 and embed them in the page. Underneath the video is downloadable text and audio, and I have a quiz plugin, too. That's it. No fancy course creator features needed. 3,000+ students so far and nobody has ever complained about the setup.
I always had this uneasy feeling about udemy, but I just couldn't put my finger on what made me feel sketched out about it. And today I read your post, the Troy Hunt episode and another one on medium. No more udemy for me. Thanks for sharing.
udemy  rant  onlinecoursework  forthecomments  teaching  instruction  sellingit 
july 2016 by kme
Destroying Apple’s Legacy… or Saving It : Cheerful

At heart, what users — humans — need is to not deal with bullshit:

* A user should never have to ask themselves: “Is that clickable?”
* A user should never have to pause and be concerned: “Wait, am I in the right app?”
* A user should never wonder: “Did that tap… work?”
* A user should never have to use a widget where proper use impedes accuracy (e.g. a date/time scroll wheel, where scrolling with your finger covers the time being selected).
* A user should never have to click on every single element to figure out which is a radio button, which is an on/off, which is a multi-select, which is editable text.
* A user should never have to wonder about the purpose of the menu bar.
* A user should never, ever, EVER be mistaken about whether the Shift key is active.
* A user shouldn’t have to work harder to read text because it is made out of “translucent material.”
design  apple  ux  ui  rant 
september 2015 by kme
The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers
Maven, ivy and sbt are the go-to tools for having your system download unsigned binary data from the internet and run it on your computer.
And with containers, this mess gets even worse.
Ever tried to security update a container?
Essentially, the Docker approach boils down to downloading an unsigned binary, running it, and hoping it doesn't contain any backdoor into your companies network.
Feels like downloading Windows shareware in the 90s to me.
devops  security  cloud  docker  sysadmin  networking  rant 
april 2015 by kme
software - node.js
Those of you who still find it enjoyable to learn the details of, say, a programming language – being able to happily recite off if NaN equals or does not equal null – you just don’t yet understand how utterly fucked the whole thing is. If you think it would be cute to align all of the equals signs in your code, if you spend time configuring your window manager or editor, if put unicode check marks in your test runner, if you add unnecessary hierarchies in your code directories, if you are doing anything beyond just solving the problem – you don’t understand how fucked the whole thing is. No one gives a fuck about the glib object model.
nodejs  javascript  programming  rant 
august 2014 by kme » I Hate Open Source Software - Why Open Source Sucks
No douchebag I am actually much smarter than you and I have shit to do and don’t have time to patch kernels and search for device drivers. It also means that I understand the value of time and I’d rather pay a few hundred bucks for an operating system license that patches itself and has device drivers available out of the box because my time is valuable.
rant  opensource  linux  documentation  needshelp 
august 2014 by kme
java sucks
After all this time, people still think that integer overflow is better than degrading to bignums, or raising an exception?

Of course, they have Bignums now (ha!) All you have to do (ha!) is rewrite your code to look like this:

result = x.add(y.multiply(BigInteger.valueOf(7))).pow(3).abs().setBit(27);

Note that some parameters must be BigIntegers, and some must be ints, and some must be longs, with largely no rhyme or reason. (This complaint is in the ``language'' section and not the ``library'' section because this shit should be part of the language, i.e., at the syntax level.)
java  language  programming  cs  rant 
july 2014 by kme
PHP: a fractal of bad design / fuzzy notepad
The “bunch of files” approach, besides making routing a huge pain in the ass, also means you have to carefully whitelist or blacklist what stuff is actually available, because your URL hierarchy is also your entire code tree. Configuration files and other “partials” need C-like guards to prevent them from being loaded directly. Version control noise (e.g., .svn) needs protecting. With mod_php, everything on your filesystem is a potential entry point; with an app server, there’s only one entry point, and only the URL controls whether it’s invoked.

Both escapeshellcmd and escapeshellarg exist with roughly similar descriptions. Note that on Windows, escapeshellarg does not work (because it assumes Bourne shell semantics), and escapeshellcmd just replaces a bunch of punctuation with spaces because nobody can figure out Windows cmd escaping (which may silently wreck whatever you’re trying to do).
programming  languages  php  devel  rant  newbie  pitfall  reference 
june 2014 by kme

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