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Vim documentation: eval |
Expand the value of an environment variable into the current buffer:

<code>Ctrl-R, =, expand($LANG)</code>
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february 2019 by kme
replace - In Vim is there a way to delete without putting text in the register? - Stack Overflow |
To delete something without saving it in a register, you can use the "black hole register":
<code class="language-vim">"_d</code>

Of course you could also use any of the other registers that don't hold anything you are interested in.
vim  security  history  solution  registers  copypaste  fuckina 
october 2018 by kme
Vim documentation: eval
&option option value

So, in the most frequent example, to pull the contents of, say "guifont" into the current buffer, to:

vim  dammitbrain  configfile  registers  ctrl-r  solution  fuckina 
september 2014 by kme

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