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networking - Using xdg-open for accessing network with normal explorer - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange []
Yes, you can separate the domain from the user with a semicolon, just like in Mac's Finder:
Tips for mounting SMB shares

xdg-open doesn't appear to be able to mount shares that aren't mounted. For example, here's a SMB share that hasn't been explicitly mounted yet via Nautilus:

% xdg-open 'smb://MYDOM;sam@bart/sam'
gvfs-open: smb://MYDOM;sam@bart/sam/: error opening location: The specified location is not
remotefilesystems  filesharing  smb  samba  commandline  linux  maybesolution 
september 2017 by kme
Autofs - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Oh gawd, how much less painful than hand-writing NFS mountpoint entries in /etc/fstab.
automounter  autofs  nfs  ubuntu  linux  sysadmin  networking  remotefilesystems  fuckina  solution 
february 2014 by kme

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