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Decoding UTF-8 charset in an .EML file []
I ran into this problem saving an email to the .eml format with Thunderbird. on the Mac is an okay viewer for this kind of file, but what I really wanted was the UTF-8 source text to paste into LibreOffice.
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september 2016 by kme
Enterprise-Grade Media Encoding Using the Yo Smartphone App: A White Paper - The Awl

Yo does provide a data exchange endpoint for developers to use when building tools that integrate with the service, such as the proposed new audio format. However, it is also customary for technology companies to limit the rate at which such endpoints can be accessed, so as to prevent spam and abuse. The current service rate limit allows third-party tools to send one Yo per minute, equivalent to 0.167 Yos per second (hereafter, YPS). The proposed Yo-based audio format requires a DSD-level sample rate which has been doubled to allow Nyquist-based bit state construction and validation. This works out to at least 5.65 million YPS, or up to 45.2 million YPS for high-resolution contexts like professional recordings. Our inquiries to the app's parent company about raising the maximum rate limit for sending Yos by 270,409,581 percent were not acknowledged. Thus, the primary obstacle to a useful Yo-based digital audio format is Yo itself.
sarcasm  yoapp  audio  encoding  streamingaudio  hacks  unintendeduses 
october 2014 by kme

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