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How to Turn Off macOS Mojave Screenshot Preview Thumbnails - The maciOS
This is a ridiculously wordy post for only really saying:
Hide or Turn Off Mojave Screenshot Previews
STEP 1: Shift + Command + 5
STEP 2: Open “options”
STEP 3: Disable floating option
STEP 4: Screenshot thumbnail preview is disabled
macos  mojave  10.14  annoyance  screenshot  solution 
september 2019 by kme
Top 4 screen recorders in Linux -
1. Record my desktop
2. Kazam
3. Vokoscreen <-- I used this one because it was in the Ubuntu repos (does not make GIFs, though; see
4. Simple Screen Recorder
screenrecording  screencasting  screenshot  linux  video  utility  software  list  recommendation 
october 2017 by kme
Disable the Window Shadow on Screen Shots in Mac OS X
Launch the Terminal app and enter the following at the command line:

defaults write disable-shadow -bool true
mac  osx  screencapture  screenshot  solution  defaults  defaultswrite  commandline  configsetting 
june 2016 by kme
SimpleCap - Screenshot Utility for MacOSX
Still works with Mojave, with a warning. If you have trouble with the program crashing because of messed up prefs, read this:
mac  osx  macos  screenshot  utility  software  essential  movein  stillworks  mojave  10.14 
june 2014 by kme

Yes, in fact Paparazzi! was the very first freeware I downloaded and tried. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to make it work.

Subsequently, I downloaded at least 12 different freewares that advertised having various wonderful capabilities regarding screenshots and so forth, but not a single one had the capacity to get a screenshot of a long window that extended below the visible screen area.

In most cases, I definitively ascertained that the applications did not have that feature. But in a few cases the software was so confusing and poorly designed that I simply gave up trying to figure out how to make the program work. Paparazzi was one of those cases where I just gave up. I'll return to it now and try to decipher its user interface and try to get it to work again to definitely determine whether it does what I want or not, but I'm not optimistic about my chances.
fuckina  solution  mac  osx  savewebpagetopdf  screenshot  imageprocessing  web  printing  app  software  alternativeto  browsershots 
march 2014 by kme
Bug #1061001 “Shutter only shows Wallpaper / black screen in Ubu...” : Bugs : “shutter” package : Ubuntu
None of the proposed solutions seem to work. So I've just used Skitch from within the host environment, then cropped to the window as best I could.

In my case, logging out and using the "Unity 2D" (Metacity) fallback session worked all right.
unity  shutter  bug  virtualbox  watchthisspace  screencapture  screenshot  sortof  solution 
january 2014 by kme
Take a Screen Shot Without the Shadow in Mac OS X
See also:
Launch the Terminal app and enter the following at the command line:

defaults write disable-shadow -bool true

Hit return and then you’ll then need to restart SystemUIServer by killing it:

killall SystemUIServer
mac  osx  screencapture  screenshot  defaults  defaultswrite  solution 
january 2014 by kme
Evernote Knowledge Base | Evernote []
Under some weird circumstances the file extension (format) drop-down didn't seem to be appearing immediately after the 2.7 update. Or maybe I wasn't seeing it because it's not on the 'drag tab' anymore as described in this article
solution  evernote  skitch  imagecapture  utility  software  screenshot 
november 2013 by kme
Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X - Mac Guides
Too bad Thunderbird and half the other apps don't understand the format the image gets saved to the "pasteboard" in.
mac  osx  tipsandtricks  screencapture  screenshot  hotkeys 
june 2011 by kme

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