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How do I view a shared Google Calendar from Outlook 2016 Mac? - Microsoft Community
It looks like you can't do it with Outlook for Mac (which is always lacking key functionality like this in shady ways?), but it's possible to add an "Internet calendar" using OWA, which then syncs to the client on Mac.
google  calendar  office365  mac  outlook  outlook2016  sharing  calendarsharing  sharedcalendar  maybesolution 
3 days ago by kme
How to share a Dropbox File or Folder with a Short... - Dropbox Community - 71383
They have been removing shortened links from Dropbox over the last couple of years. They very likely will not add a feature that they have spent the last two years removing.

The last (it seems) location that can create shortened links is within the v1 API (which is likely how SnagIt does it). The v1 API is deprecated and will be discontinued this year.

Shortened links are dead within Dropbox. Use a third-party service such as or to create them.
dropbox  sharing  shortlinks  urlshortener  sunsettedfeature 
july 2019 by kme
publications - What is the preferable way to share data? - Academia Stack Exchange
OSF and GitHub are mentioned.
Registry of Research Data Repositories ( was a new one.
collaboration  research  sharing  data  bestpractices  advice 
february 2017 by kme
Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy • The Register
"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place," Schmidt tells CNBC
privacy  fail  ericschmidt  google  sharing 
february 2013 by kme

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