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Amazon's Echo Spot is a sneaky way to get a camera into your bedroom - The Verge |
Amazon launched its Echo Look camera earlier this year to judge your outfits. It’s designed to sit in your wardrobe and offer you style advice, and it was Amazon’s first Echo device with a camera. Amazon quickly followed it up with the Echo Show, a touchscreen device that sits in your kitchen and lets you watch tutorials or recipes and participate in video calls. Amazon’s Look device is still only available exclusively by invitation, and in hindsight it now looks like experimental hardware to gauge the reaction of a camera in the bedroom. A litmus test, if you will.
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november 2017 by kme
Internet of Things Made Simple: One Sensor Package Does Work of Many
Even more advanced sensing can infer human activity, such as when someone is sleeping, showering, watching streaming video or has left home for work. Most of this processing occurs on the sensor platform itself, so detailed and sensitive data need not be transmitted or recorded, he added.

The sensor platform can be manually trained to recognize various phenomena, such as the cycling of water heaters or heating and air conditioning units. It also would be possible to pre-train the sensors to detect many popular devices and brands of home or office products, making it possible for the sensor platform to begin functioning as soon as it is plugged in, Laput said.
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may 2017 by kme

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