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FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback' - Slashdot
Why RMS is so against that yet claims to be pro freedom, I'll never understand.

It's because he fundamentally disagrees with this assertion:

in the end the code belongs to whoever the original author is

RMS would argue that the code belongs to the user. Once you understand that, you'll understand that the GPL contains no restrictions at a
rms  software  freedom 
november 2016 by kme
Printing plain text files []
paps --landscape --font="Monospace 10" --columns=3 --encoding="UTF-8" foo >
postscript  textprocessing  utility  software  alternativeto  a2ps 
july 2016 by kme
Xidel - HTML/XML/JSON data extraction tool
Easier to use than some of its counterparts:

<code class="language-bash">xidel -e //title</code>
Pronounciation: To say the name "Xidel" in English, you say "excited" with a silent "C" and "D", followed by an "L". In German, you just say it as it is written.

Mirrored (?) at:
Source code at:
FAQ at:
macOS build instructions: (
textprocessing  html  xml  json  datamunging  extraction  importexport  cli  commandline  utility  software  xpath  xslt  alternativeto  xmlstarlet 
march 2016 by kme
On SuSE Linux, you'll have to modify the Makefile to use /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/current/manpages/docbook.xsl instead of whatever's in there by default (probably Debian's default location).
bash  sysadmin  cli  commandline  filemanagement  scripting  utility  software 
march 2016 by kme
rsvndump - remote Subversion repository dump
Starting with Subversion 1.7 in October 2011, the official distribution already contains a remote dumpfile tool called svnrdump.
svn  sysadmin  subversion  migration  software  maybesolution  utility 
february 2016 by kme
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