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scripting - Best way to simulate "group by" from bash? - Stack Overflow
sort | uniq -c

Also very useful:


awk 'BEGIN { FS=OFS=SUBSEP="|"}{arr[$1,$2]+=$3+$4 }END {for (i in arr) print i,arr[i]}' file


Sort was used to handle very large volumes of data (think the original AT&T's billing data) on machines with 128k (that's 131,072 bytes) of memory (PDP-11). When sort encounters more data than a preset limit (often tuned close to the size of the machine's main memory) it sorts the data it has read in main memory and writes it into a temporary file. It then repeats the action with the next chunks of data. Finally, it performs a merge sort on those intermediate files. This allows sort to work on data many times larger than the machine's main memory.
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