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alexhsamuel/supdoc: browser for Python API documentation |
browser for Python API documentation. Contribute to alexhsamuel/supdoc development by creating an account on GitHub.
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march 2019 by kme
statisticalphysics.pdf |
One student's course notes from
I have finished the whole set of notes for my statistical mechanics class which is taught by V. M. Kenkre 2014 Spring. Professor Kenkre’s lectures are as fantastic as an excellent thrilling movie without which I could never finish notes like this. I am very grateful to him for this adventure to modern statistical mechanics. The words I can think of to describe these lectures are the words used on the best chinese novel, Dream of the Red Chamber

...which is too hard to translate. It basically means that the subplot permeat[e]s through thousands of pages before people realize it's importance. Professor Kenkre’s lectures do have such power that a tiny hint could develop into an important result as the lectures go on.
epic  classnotes  sphinx  physics 
february 2018 by kme

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