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The Reality of Developer Burnout — Kenneth Reitz
It happens to everyone that writes code all day long — the sudden feeling of "I'd rather do anything else than this right now" — even though writing software is one of your favorite activities in the world.

You suddenly realize that you've been eating ice cream for three meals every day for years on end. You're tired of it; you don't want to see ice cream any more. People who eat ice cream occasionally won't understand this; how could you possibly want less ice cream?!

— Gary Bernhardt

I have some personal experience with software development burnout, and some tips for recognizing it, avoiding it, and simply dealing with it.

410 GONE is the infamous move that Mark Pilgrim, Python Developer and human, made for unknown reasons to distance himself from the developer community, and I assume, retain his own sense of identity while feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of being a "leader" in open source. He, suddenly, deleted all of his public code from the internet entirely, leaving all of his users to re-host unofficial remnants of his useful legacy.
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