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Unreliable Cronjobs - fREW Schmidt's Foolish Manifesto
The general pattern that we suggest at work is to run your cronjobs five to ten times more often than you need to and to exit early if there is no work to do. In addition, you should monitor what the cronjob produces (which obviously varies wildly, per cronjob) rather than the sythentic exit code or output from the cronjob. This can both help you to avoid being paged when a cronjob is a little flaky and additionally detect a cronjob that is failing but still exiting zero.
sysadmin  cron  scheduling  systemmonitoring  automation  tipsandtricks 
8 weeks ago by kme
monitoring - Is there a tool that allows logging of memory usage? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Valgrind and syrupy ( are two options.

Also ('pidstat -r' is what you want):

The pidstat command also from the sysstat package provides a fairly nice interface for reporting statistics on single process. – Steven D Jan 13 '11 at 22:21

Today I learned:
Occasionally when the need arises I just do:
<code class="language-bash">$ top -d 1 -b |grep <process> >>somefile</code>

It's not an elegant solution, but gets the job done if you want the quick crude value to verify your hypothesis.
sysadmin  memory  systemmonitoring  profiling  debugging  maybesolution 
november 2019 by kme
GitHub - mattn/growl-for-linux: Growl Implementation For Linux #growl4linux |
Growl Implementation For Linux #growl4linux. Contribute to mattn/growl-for-linux development by creating an account on GitHub.
growl  notifications  systemmonitoring  utility  software  shellenhancement  linux 
may 2019 by kme
Where are checkdisk/scandisk logs ? - Windows 7 Help Forums
if I remember try..

Go to Start > Run and type: eventvwr.msc /s , and hit enter.
When Event Viewer opens, click on "Application", then scroll
down to "Winlogon" and double-click on it. This is the log
created after running Checkdisk.

In Event viewer, under Application logs, you need to double click on "wininit".

"Winlogon" is applicable for XP.
windows  scandisk  logging  systemmonitoring  sysadmin  storage  troubleshooting  solution 
december 2016 by kme
logging - What commercial and open source competitors are there to Splunk? - Stack Overflow
It's difficult to find any. Please, no answers like scp + perl + duct tape. I need a complete solution.
systemmonitoring  logging  webdevel  webmaster  sysadmin  alternativeto  splunk 
june 2016 by kme
osx - Determine the architecture of a Mac from the command line or script? - Super User
arch is available in /usr/bin/arch

You can get OS version information with sw_vers

$ sw_vers
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.6.3
BuildVersion: 10D573
$ sw_vers -productVersion
mac  osx  commandline  osversion  reporting  systemmonitoring  sysadmin  cli 
february 2014 by kme
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