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init.d - service vs. initctl - Ask Ubuntu
This is not a duplicate. The other answer doesn't even mention 'initctl'.
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may 2017 by kme
Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Gentoo 'lining up behind systemd'?
If systemd becomes a prerequsite for GNOME, its time to drop GNOME. The philosophy throughout all of *NIX is the programs do one thing and do it well.
It smacks of poor systems design to have your choice of GUI dictate your init manager as the two things are so far apart in the system that is GNU/Linux.

ulenrich wrote:
Then look at "man systemd.exec systemd.unit systemd.service" and you'll see what is game changing anyway ...

...and especially look at "top" and "mem" to see what the nonsense costs you permanently on running time and memory. Not to speak about the time you will need to debug due to the undeterministic boot process and broken log concept.

Leave alone the insane ideas like xml as part of the system software, binary log formats and so on. Or the constant public u-turns about just what the One True Way is this month.
gentoo  initsystems  sysvinit  openrc  systemd  gnome  discussion 
september 2015 by kme

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