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Wacom Forum - Wacom Europe GmbH • View topic - ET-0405-U and OS X 10.10 Yosemite
bow0314 - I downloaded it but couldn't get it to work, says 'damaged or incomplete'

However, I did get some success with this;
change Tablet Model to Graphire (ET) and Operating System to Mac OS X
download Driver 6.05-3
you'll need to install using CTRL + Open as the drivers are not signed.

The System Preference pane is not working but thanks to GadgetEnvy (bottom of page 1) on this link;

I opened the com.wacom.wacomtablet.prefs file in TextWrangler.
(The .prefs file is in the ~/Library/Preferences folder.)

I think you can edit the preference file manually
I am trying this now and will let you know how it goes (unless someone else manages to find out the details sooner)

At least it is working now!
graphire1  wacom  tablet  driver  mac  osx  solution 
december 2014 by kme
Legacy Drivers | Wacom []
I have the blue model ET-0405-U. The "Driver 6.1.5-3a for USB Tablets on Windows 7, Vista or XP (32 & 64 bit)" version is required for Windows 7 support.

I think the Graphire 2 driver was required for Windows 7, because it says it has Win7 support ("Driver 6.1.5-3a for USB Tablets on Windows 7, Vista or XP (32 & 64 bit)").

The 6.0.5-3 driver from the legacy driver site works with the ET-0405-U on Mac OS X 10.7.5. Not 100% sure about the Graphire BT.
wacom  graphire  graphirebt  tablet  drivers  windows  mac  osx  graphire1  solution 
march 2014 by kme
Drivers | Wacom Americas
Driver for the Graphire (BLUE) Model ET-0405-U. (As of 2014-12-20, it's a 404 page.)
mac  osx  tablet  driver  wacom  graphire  mystuff 
august 2012 by kme
GIMP Tablet Problems? - Yahoo! Answers []
Also make sure you have the most up to date stable version of GIMP (currently 2.6.11)
solution  windows  wacom  tablet  gimp  annoyance 
april 2011 by kme

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