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Deploy your website changes using Git - Seb Duggan
Thinking aloud: maybe set up a "deploy" branch locally, which automatically strips out files not to be deployed, and then push that to the production server?

Maybe include a "manifest" and a post-commit hook on the remote end that moves it into the appropriate place in ~/public_html (or whatever)?
deployment  webdevel  webmaster  git  hooks  githooks  maybesolution  todo 
june 2014 by kme
swanson/stringer · GitHub
Implements a clone of Fever's API, so it looks like it should work with Reeder on iOS.
todo  rss  feedreader  reeder  ruby  alternativeto  googlereader  greader 
march 2014 by kme
ZSNES board - View topic - Windows mod to allow colons in filenames?
Actually, Mac OS X will happily put filenames on an NTFS filesystem with colons, slashes, and pipe symbols. This happened to me when restoring .tar.gz backups from a WordPress installation and some IMAP mail that used maildirs instead of mbox files.

Vista balks on these characters, and the file copy dialog just closes. No error, no warning. TeraCopy at least /tries/, but doesn't finish (leaving some files on the source that should've been moved), and really doesn't give a useful error message either.
annoyance  windows  filename  illegalcharacters  sysadmin  todo 
november 2013 by kme
PopClip for Mac
AutoKey could use something like this to wrap arbitrary { HTML | code } tags around text.
apps  app  mac  osx  software  goodidea  projectstowatch  webdevel  todo  inspiration  utility  shellenhancement 
july 2012 by kme
Meet 'Files,' the Latest elementary App | elementary
Gloobus was considered and we ended up dropping it because it's just a workaround for application statup time which we intend to fix directly, and its feature of supporting a lot of formats in one UI so one can quickly preview files of different types in one folder is brough to naught by the fact that previous/next actions do not sync with sort mode set in file manager.
elementary  pantheon  needshelp  filemanager  ux  todo  programming  gloobus  quicklook 
july 2012 by kme
The issue is how to update a MediaWiki table on the back end with the Ajax request. It's doubtful that there's an API method for addressing tables in an article in any sort of object-oriented way, so it's likely I'd be parsing a lot of wikitext, which is just, ugh.
jquery  mediawiki  mwtableeditor  wysiwyg  todo  webdevel  whattheworldneedsis 
october 2011 by kme
Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine
Seems to work with GNU Mailman (the old version, without the built-in indexing and search); ref:
mlm  searchandindex  todo  projectstowatch  mailinglists 
november 2010 by kme
Mac OS X will not connect to webdav server but cadaver will - Server Fault
Investigate the cause of DAVLib appending trailing slash to request URI and post the solution here...
todo  mac  os  x  webdav  dav  apache  annoyance 
august 2010 by kme

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