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Cybersecurity Has a Serious Talent Shortage. Here’s How to Fix It
One way IBM is addressing the talent shortage is by creating “new collar” jobs, particularly in cybersecurity. These roles prioritize skills, knowledge, and willingness to learn over degrees and the career fields that gave people their initial work experience. Some characteristics of a successful cybersecurity professional simply can’t be taught in a classroom: unbridled curiosity, passion for problem solving, strong ethics, and an understanding of risks. People with these traits can quickly pick up the technical skills through on-the-job training, industry certifications, community college courses, and modern vocational and skills education programs.
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may 2017 by kme
TRK - Flask + git: Easiest workshop ever
I had thought about making slides, but ran out of time. This ended up not being too much of a problem. I simply spend most of the time live coding in front of the students.

The process was simple.

We checked out the code from my repo
Ran git log --oneline to look at the commits
Checked out a specific commit (starting with the second one)
Then, we used git diff to see the difference between that commit and the last.
Sometimes, we monkeyed around a bit.
Finally, we’d reset and pull the next commit.
training  education  git  python  flask 
november 2014 by kme

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