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Auto DevOps - YouTube |
This was actually a better explanation than the video that the marketing people gave me
gitlab  autodevops  cicd  automation  devel  video 
4 weeks ago by kme
Update: Version 0.7.0 | Didier Stevens
<code class="language-bash">
./ -n document.pdf
./ -s objstm document.pdf

# decode stream objects ('-f' = filter)
./ -s objstm -f document.pdf

# force '' to parse the output of above (even though it's
# missing a proper PDF header)
./ -s objstm -f document.pdf | ./ -n -f

# which is (I think?) is roughly the same as
./ -a -O document.pdf
pdf  parser  reversing  reverseengineering  forensic  malware  analysis  commandline  python  video  streamobject  solution 
8 weeks ago by kme
Rails Conf 2012 Keynote: Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey - YouTube
Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure and designer of Datomic, is a software developer with over 20 years of experience in various domains. Rich has worked on s...
simplicity  clojure  conference  conferencetalk  video 
9 weeks ago by kme
Wayne McGregor's Chroma – The Hardest Button to Button (The Royal Ballet) - YouTube
Enjoy this video? Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications about new ballet and opera clips. To book tickets or find out more about the Royal Opera ...
ballet  video 
9 weeks ago by kme
Jack Black Performs His Legendary Sax-A-Boom with The Roots - YouTube
Jack Black gives The Tonight Show audience a taste of the Sax-A-Boom skills he made famous by playing the toy instrument at Tenacious D shows. Subscribe NOW ...
saxaboom  video  awesomesauce 
9 weeks ago by kme
I used Elm in production and it cost me my job – Annaia Berry - YouTube
Time to bill the functionality not the time spent.

Once upon a time, a cargo ship was not starting. Everything seemed fine to mechanics, but the engine just wouldn't start.
After weeks of immobilization and dozen of hours of costly experts not finding the solution, the ship owners were directed by one of the experts to an old retired mechanic who supposedly worked magic in his days. The owners went for it, because at that point they would have hired a shaman if he had promised them to fix their ship.
The old guy came with his own toolbox. Within ten minutes he took out a little hammer and gently hit a specific point in the engine, which then consented to fire up.
The ship owners were delighted and asked the guy to send them the bill. On the morrow he came back with a single-line $10,000 bill. They told the old mechanic that it seemed disproportionate for the time he spent. The mechanics then rewrote the bill as such :
- poking with a hammer : $2
- knowing where to poke : $9,998
elm  haskell  devel  programming  makingyourselfdispensable  video  conference  talk 
12 weeks ago by kme
"The Mess We're In" by Joe Armstrong - YouTube
"...and now for the tricky bit."
I find that I do write really big comments - when I am thinking through the problem. Then they quickly become irrelevant, or even misleading, as you refine the approach, refactor, and generally do things differently. To keep the comments in alignment with the code doubles your effort.
erlang  fp  video  talk  joearmstrong  forthecomments 
12 weeks ago by kme
How to possibly fix a PC that will turn on but will not beep and will not display anything on screen - YouTube
Do what the video shows: Disconnect the power cable, remove the CMOS battery, short the CMOS jumper pins for 9 seconds then return the jumper cap to its initial position (only if you can find these jumper pins; if not, skip this step), press your PC's chassis power button switch (to discharge any remaining power circulating in the system), leave the PC unplugged and in this state overnight, then the next day return the CMOS battery to its socket, power up the PC, and if no beep, then disconnect the power cable, press your PC's chassis power button switch (to discharge any remaining power circulating in the system), remove one component, power up the PC, and if no beep then repeat (each time unplugging the PC, pressing the power switch to discharge remaining power, removing a remaining component, and then powering up, and this until the PC beeps at boot).If it never beeps, even when you are down to just motherboard, power supply & CPU+fan, one of these remaining components may be bad
awardbios  posttest  pc  hardware  troubleshooting  video 
12 weeks ago by kme
Siskel & Ebert - "The Terminator" - YouTube
Byron Easley
4 years ago
Everyone is missing the point of this review. Siskel sneaks outside food and beverages in.

For shame Siskel. For shame.
film  review  video  forthecomments 
october 2019 by kme
CPAC: Tucker Carlson Tries to Defend the New York Times, Gets Booed [] - YouTube
(An earlier iteration of Tucker Carlson...)
Tucker Carlson attempts to convince the audience at CPAC that the New York Times actually cares about the accuracy of its news, but the audience isn't buying it. He also says that the conservative movement needs its own news gathering organizations who will create news that reflects its values and wishes there were twenty-five outlets like the Fox News Channel.
rightwingmedia  video 
october 2019 by kme
I’m begging you: Stop donating canned goods to food banks | National Post
Canned goods have a particularly low rate of charitable return. They’re heavy, they’re awkward and they can be extremely difficult to fit into a family’s meal plan. Worst of all, the average consumer is buying their canned goods at four to five times the rock-bottom bulk price that can be obtained by the food bank itself.

That $1 you spent on tuna could have purchased $4 worth of tuna if put in the hands of non-profit employee whose only job is to buy food as cheaply as possible. The savvy buyers at the Calgary Food Bank, for instance, promise that they can stretch $1 into $5.
donations  charity  effectivealtruism  explained  video 
october 2019 by kme
Steamed Hams but it's Twin Peaks: The Return - YouTube
We are like the memer who memes and then lives inside the meme.

27 people didn't drink full and descend.
twinpeaks  simpsons  video 
august 2019 by kme
Dan Harris' Panic Attack (and Discovery of Meditation) - YouTube
ABC News anchor Dan Harris recounts having a panic attack live on Good Morning America. Harris went on to encounter a number of snake-oil-selling self-help g...
danharris  meditation  video 
august 2019 by kme
Building a psychologically safe workplace | Amy Edmondson | TEDxHGSE - YouTube |
Psychological safety is a belief (in fact it's expected) that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, conerns, or mistakes.
workplace  leadership  management  teambuilding  teamwork  teams  video 
july 2019 by kme
The Perl Conference - YouTube |
The official YouTube page of The Perl Conference, hosted by The Perl Foundation.
perl  conference  talk  video 
july 2019 by kme
knog Oi! bike bell - first look - YouTube |
dude its not explaining string theory, its a bell....bloody ring it.
cycling  gear  video  forthecomments 
july 2019 by kme
Portlandia bike clip - YouTube |
Whole foods is COR POR RATE

Ugh I hate how accurate this is haha. So many times I've caught myself thinking this stuff. Especially 'cars man, whyyyyy' haha
cycling  entitlement  video  humor  forthecomments 
july 2019 by kme
Meanstruation: HelloFlo's Mother-Daughter War Is Funny, And Sad : NPR
My problem is with Katie's mom, who treats the situation as if she and her daughter are peers in battle. Parenting a tween should not be about one-upping. It is about noticing when your child is upset enough to be defensive and upset enough to lie when she feels left out. It is about recognizing when your child has gone off course, and focusing on trying to get her back on.
periods  growingpains  advertising  video  parenting  teenagers  fittingin  taboo 
july 2019 by kme
Twin Peaks: The Return (Johnny Jewel - Windswept) - YouTube
A great edit, but it reminded me a lot of how much of a void it left when it ended.

How sad and mesmerizing this is... Season 3 got me think that all your hopes are useless, and you could do anything, there's no way out of the world. More likely it's an infinite journey in which sometimes you can control your fate, sometimes you're just a snowflake in a blizzard, a click in the wheel of fortune, or an arc in the karma.
twinpeaks  fanedit  playlist  video  forthecomments 
july 2019 by kme
Blood Of The Past - YouTube
Matt of All Trades, Master of Most
This song makes me want to kick 30 ninjas in the face with a motorcycle

skiboot steeze boot
This is like Egyptian hip hop and doom metal vibes, but jazz

James Bradas
This sounds like what I'd imagine a Budos Band and Moon Hooch collaboration would sound like... goddamn that was intense

Gianluca Tarchi
Does anyone know italian 70s group Perigeo..?
The last 3 minutes of this trip made me think of that.
Simply Wonderful

Mathew Saenz
It's like The Mars Volta and Tame Impala shared the same needle. ❤

I feel like I need to take a shower after listening to this.

Gat dang, this is wavy.

D Lux
Death Grips but MC Ride is a saxophone. But in all seriousness this stuff is amazing.
playlist  jazz  video  recommendations  forthecomments 
june 2019 by kme
Jordan B. Peterson | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube
Political correctness = the elevation of moral posturing about sensitivity over truth.
There's also this idea that's promoted by the people who are protecting those who are easily offended, that the way to make people secure is to protect them from things they don't want to encounter. There isn't a clinician [...] in the country who's worth his or her salt who would *ever* make that claim, because you don't make people... first of all it's hard to make people safe, because life is *seriously* not safe... and the way that you make people resilient is by *exposing* them to things they're afraid of and that make them uncomfortable--voluntarily, but--you use exposure.

And so if you over-coddle people, if you protect them from everything that's sharp, you make them dull and stupid, and and narcissistic, and it's a really bad idea.
video  politcalcorrectness  identitypolitics 
june 2019 by kme
Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw in leftist American politics - YouTube
"You can fractionate identity--appropriately--right down to the level of the individual."
video  identitypolitics 
june 2019 by kme
Systems We Love
Do you become unusually fascinated by the inner workings of systems? Do you become uncontrollably intrigued when systems fail? If so, you might suffer from a love of systems, an affliction whose symptoms can include arcane bedside reading, hard-to-explain demos and befuddled family members. If you are a systems lover -- or think you might be one -- then be sure to follow us for updates on the next Systems We Love event.
conference  sysadmin  systemsprogramming  video  talks  nerdery 
june 2019 by kme
Systems We Love - YouTube
Man pages:
The design of the Unix terminal:
An AWK love story:
That's the opposite of "blind." Boy, these folks are very, very frightened of the possibility of hearing things they don't like, aren't they. What utter cowards. Normal people with even a modicum of guts can hear things they find unpleasant, they think then say "Yeesh. What a bunch of garbage," and then move on with their lives. Cowards are obsessed with denying others "a platform" because merely hearing the bad thoughts come from another human being causes them to piss their pants.
systems  talk  conference  video  runningthings 
june 2019 by kme
The End Of Object Inheritance & The Beginning Of A New Modularity - YouTube
1. use types for nouns
2. express code relationships structurally
3. most programming is parametric ("partial") programming

* make illegal states unrepresentable (Yaron Minsky)
* ==> make illegal behavioral interactions impossible
devel  design  programming  oop  inheritance  composition  video  python  modularity 
june 2019 by kme
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