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Fail to clone over https without username in URL - Questions & Answers - GitLab Forum |
What does this do again?
<code class="language-bash">
git config --global credential.helper store
gitlab  git  cloneurl  needshelp  watchthisspace 
march 2019 by kme
Unlisted snippets (#13235) · Issues · / GitLab Community Edition · GitLab |
I would like to have snippets that are viewable by everyone, but not listed everywhere (IE you have to know the URL). Just like secret gists on GitHub Gist.
gitlab  featurerequest  snippets  watchthisspace 
may 2018 by kme
MySQL Bugs: #5159: Views: Comments are not preserved |
This feature request is 18 years old now. People still express interest about this and other related feature requests. You may not consider it vital, but please don't understimate what Bruno Aquino Filardi Filho wrote: self documenting database is really important.
mysql  sql  views  documentation  comments  featurerequest  bug  watchthisspace 
april 2018 by kme
MySQL Bugs: #15975: Optional parameters support in stored procedures |
The workaround as mentioned here ( is to pass the "optional" parameter in as NULL and check 'is NULL' with an 'IF' statement inside the procedure.
dba  mysql  bug  watchthisspace  workaround 
january 2018 by kme
primary key is not shown in ModelView · Issue #52 · flask-admin/flask-admin |
Need to find a way of making a primary key field *optional*, and making it non-editable in the "edit" form.

This works to hide it from the create / edit forms entirely (making it non-required upon form submission):
Flask-Admin manages create and edit forms separately.

You can override get_edit_form:

And do something like:
<code class="language-python">
class MyView(ModelView):
def get_edit_form(s...
flask-admin  watchthisspace  maybesolution  needshelp 
january 2018 by kme
sqlacodegen bug ? - Google Groups
I have this same problem and no one answered this guy.

Basically, sqlacodegen makes Table variables rather than proper classes whenever the table doesn't contain a primary key.
sqlalchemy  annoyance  sql  python  watchthisspace  needshelp 
june 2017 by kme
Pinning the Dock to a Corner in Yosemite/El Capitan - Ask Different
Doesn't seem to be possible in El Capitan. At all.
defaults write pinning -string end
mac  osx  annoyance  dock  customization  watchthisspace 
march 2016 by kme
hdf-forum - HDF5 compilation warnings with gcc
HDF5 compiles on CentOS 5 but with a CRAP-TON of warnings. I guess it's a known problem. Many "loop counter overflow" warnings. Unreliable for mission-critical/public services?
watchthisspace  compiler  errormessage 
july 2015 by kme
46845 – Form elements don't reset upon manually reloading page
I actually *like* the behavior of retaining form element values until you reset the form or force-reload.
firefox  webdevel  html  forms  ui  bug  webdesign  watchthisspace 
march 2015 by kme
Bug #1061001 “Shutter only shows Wallpaper / black screen in Ubu...” : Bugs : “shutter” package : Ubuntu
None of the proposed solutions seem to work. So I've just used Skitch from within the host environment, then cropped to the window as best I could.

In my case, logging out and using the "Unity 2D" (Metacity) fallback session worked all right.
unity  shutter  bug  virtualbox  watchthisspace  screencapture  screenshot  sortof  solution 
january 2014 by kme
Combine function list and minimap! / General forum / Sublime Text
{ "keys": ["super+r"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "goto", "text": "@function "} }
sublimetext  editor  hotkey  tipsandtricks  watchthisspace  devel 
april 2013 by kme
Bug #1101666 “inotify fd leak” : Bugs : “linux” package : Ubuntu
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/inotify.h>

void main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  int err = inotify_init();
  if (err == -1) {
linux  ubuntu  bug  inotify  watchthisspace  12.04  precise 
april 2013 by kme
Bug 34836 - PDF export does not export EPS images
This bug is too huge, tangled and un-readable for any developer to get to the end of. To save time and avoid repeated waste I've split it into:

bug#67464 - request for built-in EPS rendering (a long term enhancement)
bug#67465 - try harder to find pstoedit on Macs

One of these is tractable.

Julien asked:
> Michael: must have missed something but why several bugtrackers?

Because one very long, overly complicated multi-comment bug with multiple issues in it is a disaster: it wastes programmers time to read, and then they realise that there will never be a clean fix even of the easy bit because somehow someone put a man-year task next to a 10 man minute task in the same bug - so ...

> We could either transform this one into enhancement with this title for
> example: "Rendering EPS broken on MacOs".

Long, unclear, confused, unreadable bugs waste very significant time trying to unwind them. I've split it into two clear, precise bugs that can be read quickly and (I hope) gives a developer a reasonable incentive to fix one of them: the trivial bit - and the satisfaction of at least closing a bounded problem :-)


Still broken in (2014-02-09)
libreoffice  openoffice  bug  watchthisspace  postscript  eps  annoyance 
september 2012 by kme
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