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RSSPreview – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
This is the good one; it has a preview of the feed that doesn't require clicking on anything.
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4 weeks ago by kme
Can't install addon because it seems to be corrupt | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
In my case, I had a JavaScript syntax error (missing parenthesis) that prevented me from using 'about:debugging' to load the extension temporarily.
webdevel  firefox  webextension  extension  debugging  sortof  solution 
september 2019 by kme
Your first extension - Mozilla | MDN
On macOS 10.14 (Mojave), I had to
<code class="language-bash">
sudo port install nodejs10
sudo port install python27
sudo port select --set python2 python27

# install NPM modules into $HOME
npm config set prefix $HOME/.local/lib/node_modules
echo "export PATH=$HOME/.local/lib/node_modules/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile

# this needed 'python2' in the PATH (for node-gyp, whatever that is)
npm install -g web-ext

# then build the extension
web-ext build

Also, try to use the linter on the built '.zip' file:

<code class="language-bash">addons-linter web-ext-artifacts/*.zip</code>

Otherwise you might get a "Can't install addon because it seems to be corrupt" error, which probably means that you just have a syntax error in your JavaScript, or else the manifest.json is missing a 'content_scripts' 'matches' key (ref:
webdevel  firefox  extension  webextension  macos  errormessage  solution 
september 2019 by kme
WebExtensions - MozillaWiki
type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox
in the Search box type xpinstall.signatures.required
double-click the preference, or right-click and selected "Toggle", to set it to false.
webextension  firefox  addon  extension  config 
september 2015 by kme

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