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"Ok, so you've been asleep for three hundred years, you wake up, and literally the only thing that has changed is that you need to update your ad blocker settings!"
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january 2019 by kme
Slack re-invents the extranet and shared Notes databases with cross-company teams • The Register |
Sounds good, eh? And doubtless it also sounded good in the mid-1990s when Lotus/IBM/Notes/Domino allowed shared databases and applications that could include users from across different organisations. In those far-off days your correspondent worked with clients who insisted on that arrangement, deeming emails a blunt instrument and forcing us to acquire some Notes licences that IT really wasn't very keen on.

Not many years later, vendors who caught the Intranet bug took things a step further by cottoning on to the idea of an “Extranet” that could be accessed by third parties outside the firewall. That idea was even layered on top of SharePoint a decade ago.

Slack probably doesn't care that it's not entirely original, because its business is built on taking collaboration ideas that never evolved and making them more usable. The company's core group chat functionality has been around for decades but never evolved to take advantage of modern PCs' powers, or made it easy to play with images and links.
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november 2017 by kme

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