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macos - How to bring an application made in Automator to the foreground upon launch? - Ask Different
I used 'open -a' to run the application (from a shell script), instead of just running the binary from the Contents/MacOS directory directly.
macos  automator  windowmanagement  sortof  solution 
september 2019 by kme
tmux(1) - OpenBSD manual pages |
select-pane [-DdeLlMmRU] [-T title] [-t target-pane]
(alias: selectp)
Make pane target-pane the active pane in window target-window. If one of -D, -L, -R, or -U is used, respectively the pane below, to the left, to the right, or above the target pane is used. -l is the same as using the last-pane command. -e enables or -d disables input to the pane. -T sets the pane title.

-m and -M are used to set and clear the marked pane. There is one marked pane at a time, setting a new marked pane clears the last. The marked pane is the default target for -s to join-pane, swap-pane and swap-window.
til  tmux  tipsandtricks  windowmanagement 
july 2019 by kme
Use two Mac apps side by side in Split View - Apple Support
The UI for this is a little frustrating. Also:
If holding down the full-screen button doesn't enter Split View, go to Apple menu > System Preferences, click Mission Control, and make sure that “Displays have separate Spaces” is selected.
mac  osx  fullscreen  splitview  windowmanagement  howto  solution 
february 2017 by kme
How do I equally balance tmux(1) split panes? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


select-layout even-vertical
Usually assigned to: C-b M-2


select-layout even-horizontal
Usually assigned to: C-b M-1
tmux  windowmanagement  multiplexer  hotkey  solution 
june 2016 by kme
compiz - How can I change the alt+middle-mouse-button resize to alt+right-mouse-button? - Ask Ubuntu
In dconf-editor goto: org ➤ gnome ➤ desktop ➤ wm ➤ preferences and enable ☑ resize-with-right-button.
fuckina  unity  ubuntu  rightmousebuttonresize  windowmanagement  solution 
february 2016 by kme
Tmux: Switch the split style of two adjacent panes - Stack Overflow
But it doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe I don't have the same problem as this guy.
bind -n M-f move-pane -t '.-'
bind M-f move-pane -t '.-'
bind -n M-r move-pane -h -t '.-'
bind M-r move-pane -h -t '.-'
tmux  annoyance  windowmanagement  maybesolution 
november 2015 by kme
keyboard shortcuts - How does one swap two panes in Tmux? - Super User -
The swap-pane command can do this for you. The { and } keys are bound to swap-pane -U and swap-pane -D in the default configuration.

So, to effect your desired change, you can probably use Prefix { when you are in the right pane (or Prefix } if you are in the left pane).

The -U and -D refer to “up” and “down” in the pane index order (“up” is the same direction that Prefix o moves across panes). You can see the pane indices with display-panes (Prefix q, by default).
tmux  hotkey  windowmanagement  solution  fuckina 
august 2015 by kme
christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator · GitHub
Note that tmux >= 1.8 is required:
Tmux Can't Tell if Vim Is Active

This functionality requires tmux version 1.8 or higher. You can check your version to confirm with this shell command:

tmux -V # should return 'tmux 1.8'

Basic setup:

* Nothing required in .vimrc; Pathogen works fine, so you can just 'git clone' into $HOME/.vim/bundle and you're all set

* for .tmux.con, add these lines:
# Smart pane switching with awareness of vim splits
# See:
is_vim='echo "#{pane_current_command}" | grep -iqE "(^|\/)g?(view|n?vim?x?)(diff)?$"'
bind -n C-h if-shell "$is_vim" "send-keys C-h" "select-pane -L"
bind -n C-j if-shell "$is_vim" "send-keys C-j" "select-pane -D"
bind -n C-k if-shell "$is_vim" "send-keys C-k" "select-pane -U"
bind -n C-l if-shell "$is_vim" "send-keys C-l" "select-pane -R"
bind -n C-\ if-shell "$is_vim" "send-keys C-\\" "select-pane -l"

* ONLY custom mappings, add these lines to .vimrc:
let g:tmux_navigator_no_mappings = 1

nnoremap <silent> {Left-mapping} :TmuxNavigateLeft<cr>
nnoremap <silent> {Down-Mapping} :TmuxNavigateDown<cr>
nnoremap <silent> {Up-Mapping} :TmuxNavigateUp<cr>
nnoremap <silent> {Right-Mapping} :TmuxNavigateRight<cr>
nnoremap <silent> {Previous-Mapping} :TmuxNavigatePrevious<cr>
vim  tmux  windowmanagement  splits  mapping  configfile  movein  solution 
august 2015 by kme
Cycling through open windows in Plank - elementarynow
People quickly figure out that Plank uses click to minimize, but they sometimes miss the fact that it uses scrolling to cycle through open windows.

I actually didn't notice this. I mean, I noticed it, but it annoyed me more that there was no minimize button that I just forgot about it.
elementaryos  tipsandtricks  windowmanagement  solution 
june 2015 by kme
Hide The Menu Bar On Your Secondary Monitor With Mavericks [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac
Launch System Preferences with a double click in the Applications folder, one click in the Dock, or select it from the Apple Menu.

Click on the Mission Control preference pane icon and, once it’s in front of you, uncheck the box next to “Displays have separate Spaces.” This entirely non-sequitor check box will keep the menu bar from showing up on the secondary monitor.
osx  mavericks  spaces  windowmanagement  tipsandtricks  annoyance  solution 
june 2015 by kme
fluff: tmux - Resize pane to specific width and height

paneWidths=$(tmux list-panes -t $ses:$win | awk '{print $2}' | cut -c 2- | cut -f 1 -d'x')
paneHeights=$(tmux list-panes -t $ses:$win | awk '{print $2}' | cut -c 2- | cut -f 2 -d'x' | cut -f 1 -d']')

currentWidth=$(echo $paneWidths | awk "{ print \$($id+1) }")
currentHeight=$(echo $paneHeights | awk "{ print \$($id+1) }")

resizeNumW=$(expr $currentWidth - $width)
resizeNumH=$(expr $currentHeight - $height)

if [ ${resizeNumW} -ge 0 ]; then

if [ ${resizeNumH} -ge 0 ]; then

#echo ws: $paneWidths
#echo hs: $paneHeights

#echo cw: $currentWidth
#echo ch: $currentHeight

#echo rw: $resizeNumW
#echo rh: $resizeNumH

#echo dw: $dirw
#echo dh: $dirh

if [ ${resizeNumW} -ne 0 ]; then
tmux resize-pane -t $ses:$win.$id -$dirw $resizeNumW

if [ ${resizeNumH} -ne 0 ]; then
tmux resize-pane -t $ses:$win.$id -$dirh $resizeNumH
tmux  solution  configfile  annoyance  windowmanagement 
september 2014 by kme
Maximize or set initial window size - Vim Tips Wiki
if has("gui_running")
" GUI is running or is about to start.
" Maximize gvim window (for an alternative on Windows, see simalt below).
set lines=999 columns=999
" This is console Vim.
if exists("+lines")
set lines=50
if exists("+columns")
set columns=100
vim  tipsandtricks  windowsize  windowmanagement  dammitbrain  solution 
september 2014 by kme
vim - How do I toggle between a Vertical and a Horizontal split in vimdiff? - Stack Overflow []
diffopt vertical

The following command will change a vertical split into a horizontal split:

ctrl+w then J

To change back to a vertical split use either:

ctrl+w H or ctrl+w L

For more information about moving windows:

:h window-moving
:h ctrl-w_J
:h ctrl-w_K
:h ctrl-w_H
:h ctrl-w_L
vim  splits  vimdiff  tipsandtricks  windowmanagement  keys 
july 2014 by kme
New window tiling and snapping functionality ← Segfault
SOLUTION: Set the "Tiling HUD visibility threshold" setting to 1 pixel.
Increase or decrease the proximity to the edge of the screen before the HUD activates.
cinnamon  annoyance  windowmanagement  solution 
march 2014 by kme
osx - Applescript - List all hidden Window in the dock - miniaturized - Stack Overflow
2 down vote

Here is a script that works on all applications, at least on my system.

Try this

set windowsInDock to {}
tell application "System Events"
repeat with this_app in (get processes whose background only is false and windows is not {}) --get applications with 1+ window
set windowsInDock to windowsInDock & (get windows of this_app whose value of its attribute "AXMinimized" is true)
end repeat
end tell
return windowsInDock
keepassx  applescript  mac  osx  windowmanagement  annoyance  needshelp 
january 2014 by kme
Linux Mint Forums • View topic - How to remove the alt-middle mouse button shortcut
In there you have to navigate to org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences. In the right hand pane click the option 'resize with right button'. The resize option will now become Alt/right mouse button instead of Alt/middle mouse button.

--Or in this case org.cinnamon.desktop.preferences (may have been updated to org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences in a recent version) which actually seems to work
rightmousebuttonresize  annoyance  linuxmint  windowmanagement  cinnamon  gnome  solution  essential  movein 
november 2013 by kme
Ubuntu Tip:How to show desktop from command line | Ubuntu Geek
Solution to Cinnamon 1.8 not having a "Show Desktop" action for hot corners: Use "Custom" and this command below (maybe 'super+d' instead of 'ctrl+alt+d').

Install xdotool using the following command

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Once you install this tool you can use the following command to show desktop

xdotool key ctrl+alt+d
linux  commandline  cli  cinnamon  windowmanagement  solution  essential  movein 
august 2013 by kme
editor - Using Vim's tabs like buffers - Stack Overflow
"Stop, stop, stop.


:set hidden
If you don't have this set already, then do so. It makes vim work like every other multiple-file editor on the planet. You can have edited buffers that aren't visible in a window somewhere.
Use :bn, :bp, :b #, :b name, and ctrl-6 to switch between buffers. I like ctrl-6 myself (alone it switches to the previously used buffer, or #ctrl-6 switches to buffer number #).
Use :ls to list buffers, or a plugin like MiniBufExpl or BufExplorer."


"Bit late to the party here but surprised I didn't see the following in this list:

:tab sball - this opens a new tab for each open buffer

:he switchbuf - this controls buffer switching behaviour, try :se switchbuf=usetab,newtab. This should mean switching to the existing tab if the buffer is open, or creating a new one if not."
vim  editor  asanide  tipsandtricks  tabs  windowmanagement 
april 2013 by kme
Bug 39007 – Persistent "Restore Windows" dialog won't disappear, disables key functionality
2) Do you have installed any window management/user interface utilities/apps/control panels/extensions for Mac OS X like
* AquaSnap * BetterSnapTool
* BetterTouchTool * Breeze
* Cinch * Divvy
* DoublePane * Flexiglass
* HyperDock * iSnap
* Moom * RightZoom
* ShiftIt * SizeUp
* SizeWell * Spectacle
* Stay * TileWindows
* WindowTidy ... or something similar?
mac  osx  libreoffice  windowmanagement  utility  software  bug  maybesolution 
april 2013 by kme
Aero Snap effect for Metacity | The Binary Idiot
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_1 "<Super>Left"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1 "wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -e 0,0,0,`xwininfo -root | grep Width | awk '{ print (($2/2)-6)}'`,`xwininfo -root | grep Height | awk '{ print $2 }'`"

gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_2 "<Super>Right"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_2 "wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -e 0,`xwininfo -root | grep Width | awk '{ print (($2/2)+5) ",0," (($2/2)-6) }'`,`xwininfo -root | grep Height | awk '{ print $2 }'`"

# If you want to add a couple more Windows 7 style keyboard shortcuts, feel free to pick from this list:
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/window_keybindings/minimize "<Super>Down"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/window_keybindings/toggle_maximized "<Super>Up"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/show_desktop "<Super>D"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_terminal "<Super>T"
gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings/home "<Mod4>e"
metacity  aerosnap  windowmanagement  shortcutkey  x11  tipsandtricks  essential  solution  keys  hotkeys  shortcut 
february 2013 by kme
osx - Un-minimizing an app with Applescript - Stack Overflow
tell app (path to frontmost application as text)
set miniaturized of windows to false -- most apps
end try
set collapsed of windows to false -- Finder
end try
end tell

-- Save this to ~/Library/Scripts, then use Quicksilver to bind the "Run Script" action for this script file to a hotkey (I picked ⌥⌘M)
applescript  windowmanagement  mac  osx  solution  essential  annoyance 
november 2012 by kme
Nulana - Flexiglass
Allows X11-wm style window resizing, plus Aqua Snap style window layouts with hotkeys. Pretty much worth the $10 since WindowDragon doesn't work anymore with Lion.
aerosnap  essential  mac  nonfree  osx  rightmousebuttonresize  utility  windowmanagement  solution 
august 2012 by kme

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