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macOS FAQ - WineHQ Wiki |
export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="truetype:interpreter-version=35"
wine  font  rendering  freetype  smoothing  fontsmoothing  cleartype  sortof  solution  linux  mac  osx  macos 
july 2019 by kme
Wine - Debian Wiki |
wine 1.6.2-20 packages in Debian Jessie - To use the wine-wrapper scripts such as winecfg, wineboot or regedit you have to set them as an option to the command "wine". See Debian bug #784280. wine-development and later wine versions are are not affected. E.g. typing only "winecfg" will cause an error if no wineprefix exists yet, while "wine winecfg" works as expected.
wine  debian  winecfg  configuration  controlpanel  solution 
july 2019 by kme
Uninstall a program installed with Wine - Ask Ubuntu
Type in a terminal or press Alt+F2 and type 'wine uninstaller' will give you access to the built in Add/Remove tool from wine. From there you can uninstall a program you have installed in a bottle.
wine  uninstaller  uninstall  annoyance  dammitbrain  linux  solution 
november 2017 by kme
[Solution] No 3D acceleration in Windows 8+ :: Bejeweled 3 General Discussions
I actually fixed Bejeweled Twist in Wine on an Intel G45/G43 by setting ScreenMode to DWORD:0.
well I fixed the fatal error window by opening regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SteamPopCap > Bejeweled 3. I then edited the value ScreenMode from 0 to 1 and I haven't had any crashes since. I still can't enable 3D mode or high graphics however :/
wine  gaming  solution 
may 2017 by kme
Ubuntu - WineHQ Wiki
Don't forget to download and install the key.
ubuntu  wine  installation  packagemanagement  ppa  elementaryos  solution 
may 2017 by kme
WineHQ - Adobe Reader 10.x
This actually didn't work for me
wine reg add "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Adobe\\Acrobat Reader\\10.0\\FeatureLockDown" /v bProtectedMode /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
wine  adobe  reader  installproblem  troubleshooting  maybesolution 
february 2015 by kme
Casual Sandboxing for Wine | Stephan Sokolow's Blog
If you really want security though (of the type that actually protects against certain types of exploits), research using cgroups to tie your filesystem in knots. It’s like chroot without the migraine.
windows  wine  tipsandtricks  linux  virtualizationandemulation  sandboxing 
december 2013 by kme
Wine: How can one become pretentious about red wine? - Quora
1). When presented with the wine list, reject it and ask for the Captains list.

2). Browse through the Captains list with disgust and ask to see the regular wine list again.

3). When the sommelier places the glasses on the table, pick one up and smell it. Mention that it smells like a wet dishcloth and ask for new glasses for everyone.

4). When new glasses are placed, ask if they are the appropriate glasses for the grape you've selected..."are these Pinot Noir wine glasses or all-purpose wine glasses?"

5). When the sommelier presents the wine, touch the bottle and insist that it's too warm (or too cold) and ask what temperature the wine has been stored at.

6). Insist the sommelier decants the wine for you, but make sure they decant it "to the smoke, not the sediment."

7). After you smell and taste the wine, make sure you say, "the nose is not reflected on the palate, that's for sure."

8). After tasting the wine, ask them "what kind of soil were these grapes grown in?" Whatever their answer, nod and mention that you can detect that on the palate.

9). Ask them if the wine was bottled on the estate. Wines bottled by the proprietor or (heaven forbid) bottled in cellars are deemed lower quality.

10). Mention to your guests that the wine needs to breathe, but by the time the food arrives, it shall be ready for drinking.
amusing  wine  snobbery 
august 2013 by kme
WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 10277 – Uninstalling software does not remove them from Programs menu
Still not fixed in 2018; remove them manually from ~/.local/share/applications/wine.
wine  annoyance  bug  needshelp 
may 2010 by kme

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