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git pull has two problems:

* It merges upstream changes by default, when it's really more polite to rebase over them, unless your collaborators enjoy a commit graph that looks like bedhead.

* It only updates the branch you're currently on, which means git push will shout at you for being behind on branches you don't particularly care about right now.
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june 2019 by kme
Feature Highlight: Set Due Dates for Issues and Create Milestones | GitLab |
GitLab has a powerful issue tracker that completely integrates into the GitLab workflow. Our team uses our issue tracker for almost everything, including projects that contain no code. We believe that if anything is significant enough to work on then it deserves an issue. Before GitLab 8.7, there was no way to communicate that you needed a specific issue to be completed by a specified time. While we had the ability to add milestones to issues and merge requests, there was no way to s...
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march 2019 by kme

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