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The Evolution of Bitchiness - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic
Psychologists Roy Baumeister and Jean Twenge have also theorized that women, not men, are largely the ones who suppress each others’ sexualities, in part through this sort of indirect aggression.

“The evidence favors the view that women have worked to stifle each other’s sexuality because sex is a limited resource that women use to negotiate with men, and scarcity gives women an advantage,” they wrote. 

Slut-shaming is a love-story cornerstone. Hester Prynne had her scarlett A. Anna Karenina tumbled from her perch in society after an affair with a cavalry officer. In an equally important cultural work, 1999’s She’s All That, popular girl Taylor humiliates former ugly duckling Laney at a party after the latter undergoes a miraculous beautification through the removal of her glasses and ponytail. (This is, one will note, perhaps the most apt artistic representation of Vaillancourt’s experiment possible.)
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may 2014 by kme
Companies are using fear to market lifestyle accessories to women | The Verge
The original headline was "How to look cute and not get raped." Hoo boy.
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may 2014 by kme
Dear Jill: From One Pushy Media Dame to Another | Re/code
After I explained the situation, he took only one second to give me a piece of advice that I have been following since: “If your reporting is right, tell them to f#*k off.”
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may 2014 by kme
Google Beauty — The Message — Medium
But when I search for the word “beauty” in Google images, I don’t see waterfalls or anyone who looks like Kerry Washington. The result is a sea of models with vague inoffensive features, skinny, cisgender, and white white white white.
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may 2014 by kme
Are "women only" events as sexist as "men only" events? - Quora
I'm not a fan, personally. I tend to avoid women-only things. Perhaps it is because my life is de facto women-focused. I know from experience that a lot of time and energy at "women-only" events is spent on talking about men, which holds no interest for me. Straight women with other women still tend to be male-identified, so getting them off the topic of the men in their lives and talking about themselves as selves is not all that easy.
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march 2014 by kme
How I Got 50% Women Speakers at My Tech Conference | Geek Feminism Blog
So! Getting women to submit content: easy? Um. When I’d talk to men about the conference and ask if they felt like they had an idea to submit for a talk, they’d *always* start brainstorming on the spot. I’m not generalizing — every guy I talked to about speaking was able to come up with an idea, or multiple ideas, right away…and yet, overwhelmingly the women I talked to with the same pitch deferred with a, “well, but I’m not an expert on anything,” or “I wouldn’t know what to submit,” or “yes but I’m not a *lead* [title], so you should talk to my boss and see if he’d want to present.”

from the comments:
For me, this is the primary key. I’d submit if I had any reasonable assurance that merit would trump gender when it came to selection. When that assurance isn’t there, I don’t submit. And that’s because I suspect there’s a pile for men and a pile for “girls”, and only one gets in, as a token. I don’t want to be a token, and for the men who may be reading this and don’t understand why, here’s why: In every tech gathering that’s predominantly men, there’s always some percentage of misogynists. And non-misogynist guys don’t often confront the misogynist ones. So what happens is the dicks treat you like shit, the other guys tacitly sanction it by not rocking the boat, and the effect is that you, as the lone female, have won the great honor of being the conference’s whipping girl. No human volunteers for abuse. This is why women don’t submit.
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february 2014 by kme
I was considering Grad School…and then I saw this. HILARIOUS! | JOANNA RENTERIA
"How come Barbie can’t hack it but Ken is a grad school advisor? Unfortunately, this article seems to discourage women from pursuing higher education by suggesting that it will make them old, tired, cranky and unattractive. My husband is currently pursuing graduate education in business and it irks me to hear his female colleagues complain about the hours and workload but I honestly never hear complaints from his male student peers. I wish the amazingly strong and smart women who pursue graduate degrees would set a better example to encourage and pave the way for more highly educated women in the work force." -- Elyse October 28, 2013 at 6:47 pm

"Ken is able to be Grad Advisor Ken because he married Midge, who has a job, and takes care of him and the kids so he doesn’t have to worry about the details." -- Robin Rosbolt October 29, 2013 at 5:33 am
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october 2013 by kme

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