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xdotool - command-line X11 automation tool
From the "SENDEVENT NOTES" section:
It is important to note that for key and mouse events, we only use XSendEvent when a specific window is targeted. Otherwise, we use XTEST.

Here's a solution that works for most X clients (some modal dialog boxes and Guake excepted, for the moment):

#"xdotool key Shift+End"
"xdotool getactivewindow key Shift+End"
Alt + Shift + Right
#"xdotool key End"
"xdotool getactivewindow key End"
Alt + Right

#"xdotool key Shift+Home"
"xdotool getactivewindow key Shift+Home"
Alt + Shift + Left
#"xdotool key Home"
"xdotool getactivewindow key Home"
Alt + Left
xdotool  xbindkeys  solution  fuckina  likeamac  keymap  remap  keyboard  annoyance 
december 2013 by kme
linux - Remap Super+arrow key to home/end - Super User
How about a combination of xdotool and xbindkeys, with a .xbindkeysrc like:

"xdotool key Next"
Mod4 + Down

"xdotool key Prior"
Mod4 + Up
linux  xdotool  xbindkeys  x11  keymap  keyboard  likeamac  maybesolution 
december 2013 by kme

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