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The Beautiful Table
Sports statistics bar chart w positive/negative values
barchart  d3  d3js  visualization  football 
4 weeks ago by kongharald
The D3 Graph Gallery – Simple charts made with d3.js
RT @R_Graph_Gallery: 🍾🍾 New project in the family! 🍾🍾


A gallery of 200 _Simple_ charts made with d3.js,…
charts  d3  reference  R  python  visualization  d3js 
8 weeks ago by kongharald
Complexity Explorables | I herd you!
This explorable illustrates the mechanism of herd immunity. When an infectious disease spreads in a population, an individual can be protected by a vaccine that delivers immunity.
d3  d3js  visualization  vaccines  simulation 
august 2018 by kongharald
Blast Radius
Blast Radius is a tool for reasoning about Terraform dependency graphs through interactive visualizations. Use Blast Radius to:

Learn about Terraform or one of its cloud providers, through example configurations
Document your infrastructure.
reason about relationships between resources, and evaluate changes to them.
d3  d3js  dependencies  visualization  chart 
august 2018 by kongharald
Seeing Theory
introduction to the basic concepts of probability theory.
datascience  math  statistics  visualization  d3  d3js  gode_læremidler 
august 2018 by kongharald
The World as One Hundred People
RT @DavidAKrupp: My first #d3js project. The World as One Hundred People. #MakeoverMonday #dataviz
d3  d3js  visualization  percent  humandevelopment  statistics 
may 2018 by kongharald
Multiple variables, show trivariate/bivariate variables
d3  d3js  visualization  bivariate 
may 2018 by kongharald
Interactive chart showing bachelor's degrees in the United States.
d3js  visualization  academia  d3  dbh  utdanningsdata 
november 2017 by kongharald
Projection explorer -
manipulate different map projections: AzimuthalEqualArea, AzimuthalEquidistant, Gnomonic, Orthographic, Stereographic, Albers, ConicConformal, ConicEqualArea, ConicEquidistant, Equirectangular, Mercator, TransverseMercator
d3js  d3  map  cartography 
july 2017 by kongharald
Geography of Jobs
Change in US employment by geography
d3  map  d3js  employment 
july 2017 by kongharald
Zensus 2011 Atlas
Visualization of german census data using brushing and choropleth
d3  d3js  census  folketelling  multicariate  visualization  map  brushing  choropleth 
june 2017 by kongharald
Partition of dataset
d3  d3js  zoom  zooming 
june 2017 by kongharald
Proyecto Censo -
Beautiful visualization of census data from Argentina
census  folketelling  d3  d3js  map  choropleth  visualization 
june 2017 by kongharald
Dagens artige kart: Hva er hvert punkt på klodens motsatte punkt? (antipode)
kart  map  maps  cartography  d3js  d3 
june 2017 by kongharald
I'm excited to share Idyll, a new reactive markup language for creating interactive documents on the web
d3  d3js  visualization  data 
april 2017 by kongharald
How different income groups perceive reasons for success (according to Russian polls)
d3  visualization  income 
march 2017 by kongharald
sector diagrams of 100 icons
d3  visualization 
february 2017 by kongharald
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