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Projection explorer -
manipulate different map projections: AzimuthalEqualArea, AzimuthalEquidistant, Gnomonic, Orthographic, Stereographic, Albers, ConicConformal, ConicEqualArea, ConicEquidistant, Equirectangular, Mercator, TransverseMercator
d3js  d3  map  cartography 
july 2017 by kongharald
Geography of Jobs
Change in US employment by geography
d3  map  d3js  employment 
july 2017 by kongharald
Zensus 2011 Atlas
Visualization of german census data using brushing and choropleth
d3  d3js  census  folketelling  multicariate  visualization  map  brushing  choropleth 
june 2017 by kongharald
Proyecto Censo -
Beautiful visualization of census data from Argentina
census  folketelling  d3  d3js  map  choropleth  visualization 
june 2017 by kongharald
Dagens artige kart: Hva er hvert punkt på klodens motsatte punkt? (antipode)
kart  map  maps  cartography  d3js  d3 
june 2017 by kongharald

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