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Unito :: Integrate Project Management Tools - Sync Trello, Jira, Asana...
Solve your workflow problems with Unito! Sync popular project management tools together and optimize collaboration across tools, teams and projects.
workflow  process  sync  manage  2-way  Top_10 
21 days ago by kpieper876
Smart UTM Manager | UTM Builder & Performance Tracker for Marketers
The Smart UTM Manager provides the industry-leading UTM Builder and UTM Insights Platform to help marketers learn which Ads were most successful and why.
utm  adobe  google  manage  create 
11 weeks ago by kpieper876
Cloudron - The best platform for running web apps
Cloudron is a complete solution for running apps on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure.
cloud  app  manage  create  deploy 
12 weeks ago by kpieper876
Tagpacker is a free tool to collect, organize, and share your favorite links.
link  share  manage  track  top_10 
july 2019 by kpieper876
Simple UTM Manager
Bubble introduces a new way to build a web application. It’s a point-and-click programming tool. Bubble hosts all applications on its cloud platform.
utm  manage  campaign  tools  generate 
july 2019 by kpieper876
Cronhooks | Schedule one time or recurring webhooks via api
Cronhooks enables you to schedule one time or recurring webhooks via api and get alerts in case of failures.
webhook  create  manage  monitor 
june 2019 by kpieper876
Meet Madelyn
Free Social Media Scheduling Tool for Linkedin
linkedin  social  media  post  manage  content  Top_10  Marketing_Toolbox 
may 2019 by kpieper876
Online Event Registration and Management Software | Eventzilla
Eventzilla is the easiest way to accept online registrations and payments for events, training classes, conferences, seminars and fundraising events for free.
event  plan  manage  free 
may 2019 by kpieper876
Voluum - The Ad Tracking Software for Media Buying Teams, Agencies, Affiliates
Voluum is the leading ad tracking software in the industry. Use the most sophisticated tracker to track, manage, and optimize ad campaigns.
track  manage  campaign  advertising 
january 2019 by kpieper876
Software Testing & Project Management Tools - Inflectra
Inflectra offers powerful software testing tools and project management software for automated project management, quality assurance, and test management.
application  software  development  manage  test 
august 2018 by kpieper876
The Best WordPress Design and Conversion Tools
Add a powerful marketing and design platform to your WordPress site in 5 minutes Conversion tools powering over 112,318 websites. No coding required.
wordpress  develop  manage  tool  website  mediashift 
august 2018 by kpieper876
Ads.txt Manager | Free | Easily Manage Ads.txt Files
Ads.txt Manager makes it easy to create, upload, manage, maintain, and validate your website's Ads.txt file for free. Authorize sellers and keep files up to date automatically without excessive data entry or cumbersumb file management.
ads  txt  manage  free  ads.txt  file  manager  mediashift 
august 2018 by kpieper876
Meqem - Forecast as a Service
Developer-first service to forecast any (non-random) time series data thanks to artificial intelligence.
time  series  forecast  ai  manage  data  developer 
july 2018 by kpieper876
LogicalPlan: Easiest way how to manage your team
LogicalPlan is application which you finally know how much work your team has a what it can handle.
product  manage  project  time  workload 
june 2018 by kpieper876
Conduit | AI chief of staff: the best way to manage and grow your network
Individuals, connectors, and leaders use Conduit to understand and track key relationships.
personal  data  crm  relationship  manage 
april 2018 by kpieper876
Take Control of Your Job Search | Jobwell
Welcome to Jobwell, the best app for managing all your job applications and networking activities.
job  hunt  search  find  manage  top_10 
april 2018 by kpieper876
Social Media Marketing Platform |
Falcon is your social media marketing platform built on social analytics, community engagement and governance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
social  media  content  manage  crm 
march 2018 by kpieper876
Instantly get a list of all your accounts, matched with direct links to delete them.
account  batch  scan  find  delete  unsubscribe  manage  email 
february 2018 by kpieper876
Social Media Aggregator & Social Wall Builder | Flockler
Combine all your content, including what your fans say about you, into one social hub.
content  social  media  aggregation  manage  hub  marketing_toolbox  mediashift 
january 2018 by kpieper876
VendorHawk | Software Vendor Management Platform | Manage your technology spending in one place
VendorHawk helps you stay on top of all your SaaS spending, vendors, and app utilization, so you can get the most from your cloud software investment.
saas  software  vendor  license  app  manage  optimize  startup_toolbox  starred 
january 2018 by kpieper876
Team O'clock
A digital facilitator for your daily scrum meetings
scrum  standup  meeting  manage  organize 
january 2018 by kpieper876
KARMABOT – Build stronger and happier teams on Slack
A chat bot that helps to streamline your Slack use. Set goals, track performance and reward excellence. Includes Karma Profiles and micro-karma, powered by Google Machine Learning.
slack  bot  goal  plan  manage  startup_toolbox 
january 2018 by kpieper876
OKRs and Continuous Performance Management | 7Geese
Combine the power of OKRs goal-setting with continuous feedback, coaching, and peer recognition to improve performance across your organization.
okr  performance  goal  manage  startup_toolbox 
january 2018 by kpieper876
Best Purchase Orders Plus Software For Small Business
Unleash the power of digital Purchase Orders Plus by using Purchase Orders Software. Integrate your Purchase Order Plus with Xero.
manage  order  purchase  software 
november 2017 by kpieper876
An applicant tracking system for your recruiting needs | Freshteam
Freshteam is an applicant tracking system that helps you streamline your recruiting process and find your best hires more efficiently.
applicant  process  tracking  manage  Product_MVP  Product  Startup_Toolbox  recruit 
november 2017 by kpieper876
Cadet - Feature Request Management for SaaS businesses
Cadet helps you easily collect and manage feature requests from your customers, and make data-driven product decisions
manage  product  saas  plan 
november 2017 by kpieper876
The # 1 Social Media Marketing Tool for Sharing Visuals. Start for free.
Manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, recycle evergreen content, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance - all from a single dashboard.
social  media  visual  manage 
november 2017 by kpieper876
LaunchBoard | Innovation porfolio management for Lean enterprises
Business model canvas and lean startup software for education and enterprise innovation
manage  portfolio  product  mediashift  validate  startup 
october 2017 by kpieper876
RallyMind - Multivariable Landing Page Technology
Automated landing page management for Brand to Local, Channel Marketing, and Co-op advertising campaigns
landing  page  manage 
october 2017 by kpieper876
Home - Blissfully
You can't afford SaaS chaos. Blissfully automatically detects all the SaaS products across your entire company, helping save money, improve security, and simplify operations. Get an instant SaaS usage…
manage  saas  control  organize  software  optimize  startup_toolbox 
october 2017 by kpieper876
HR Solutions for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses | Insperity
Offering HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses since 1986, Insperity has helped 100,000+ businesses with their human resources needs. Learn more.
HR  startup  manage  Startup_Toolbox  starred 
september 2017 by kpieper876
Dialogue - Make 1:1's better.
Support your team with open dialogue and be an awesome leader.
leader  one_to_one  relationship  team  manage  Startup_Toolbox 
september 2017 by kpieper876
Why should you get started with Powertools?
Our Happy Clients Why should you get started with Powertools? Security, Traceability, Compliance, and Automation have never been so easy within Google
document  drive  enterprise  google  manage  Cloud_App_Platforms 
september 2017 by kpieper876
Home - Project Nucleus
Book a demo Pricing The story Features Contact us Login Revolutionary Project Management Software for Digital Marketing Teams Get Started For Free Featured On : Features Intuitive Project & Task Creat…
marketing  project  teams  manage 
september 2017 by kpieper876
HR Partner | Web Based Employee Management Portal
HR Partner is a simple cloud HRIS that manages employee personnel records, time off, leave, and vacation requests, and timesheets quickly and easily.
hr  time  off  pto  manage 
september 2017 by kpieper876
EmployAmp - Optimize and Centralize Your Job Search
Sign-up for EmployAmp now (free). Never forget an important follow-up or task! Keep track of job applications, interviews, and other calendar events.
top_10  job  find  search  hunt  application  resume  manage  interview  personal 
september 2017 by kpieper876
The smart solution for creative file management is here
Bynder Orbit is the only free solution powerful enough to handle all your images, videos, and documents. Click to learn more.
document  solution  manage 
september 2017 by kpieper876
We do ad serving software right | OrbitSoft
OrbitSoft provides ad management and ad serving technology for publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and networks.
technology  platform  advertising  manage 
september 2017 by kpieper876
Twitter Community Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool
Grow your following, build relationships & discover leads on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.
free  social  twitter  facebook  community  manage 
july 2017 by kpieper876
Book Like A Boss | Your Personal Booking Page
Create your own page with everything you need to sell your services, take appointments, & get paid!
appointment  scheduling  booking  time  manage 
july 2017 by kpieper876
SignatureSatori - central signature management for G Suite (Google Apps)
A Solution for central email signature management for G Suite (Google Apps). Unleash marketing potential of signatures and keep company branding consistent.
email  signature  enterprise  manage  mediashift 
july 2017 by kpieper876
Social Media Management for B2B Marketing - Oktopost
Oktopost is a social media management platform designed to publish social messages, engage with social sales and support employee social advocacy
b2b  social  media  content  distribution  syndication  manage  mediashift 
june 2017 by kpieper876
Myki: Password Manager & Authenticator
The Only Secure Password Manager, Password Generator and Authenticator designed with privacy in mind. Available on Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android. $5 per user per month
secure  team  password  manage  Top_10  collaboration 
june 2017 by kpieper876
Social Media Management and Marketing Platform - Postific
Postific is a social media management and marketing platform created to help businesses find new customers and analyze their social engagement. Try it for free.
social  media  manage 
june 2017 by kpieper876
Pricing for B2B Social Media Platform | Oktopost
Oktopost plans and pricing for social media management
b2b  social  media  manage 
may 2017 by kpieper876
Home - Kapost | The B2B Marketing Platform
Software to realize your B2B marketing strategy. Kapost is the B2B marketing operating system used to power world-class content and drive business success.
content  marketing  manage 
may 2017 by kpieper876
SaaS Management Software - Meta SaaS
Meta SaaS weeds out unused, underused and abandoned licenses across all your SaaS applications. Explore our capabilities to see how we can help you.
saas  software  optimize  consolidate  cost  manage  startup_toolbox 
may 2017 by kpieper876
JobTrack | Organize Your Job Search
JobTrack organizes your job search with tools to track job applications and remind you to apply and follow up.
job  career  hunt  find  search  manage  tracking 
may 2017 by kpieper876
Storyheap – Story management for the world's top brands & influencers
Story management for the world's top brands & influencers. Automatically share stories between platforms.
manage  instagram  story 
may 2017 by kpieper876
Reltio Cloud - Data-Driven Applications - Master Data Management - Big Data
Reltio delivers reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions so you can be right faster. Reltio Cloud combines modern master data management with data-driven applications for better planning, customer engagement and risk management.
DMP  data  platform  manage 
april 2017 by kpieper876
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