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Ten Reasons Folks Should Care About the Hyde Amendment
It's more than a little ridiculous that we still need to make a case for reproductive justice, but this is a good list
abortion  women  health  healthcare  politics  post 
14 days ago
Interesting deconstruction of the decline of Tumblr that ends in a pontification of why Democrats might lose the 2020 election: "We lose the election by howling at the moon about poor water quality at night, and pissing in the well during the workday."
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16 days ago
Google’s new focus on well-being started five years ago with this presentation
Not sure how ethical Google is, but Tristan Harris's work in designing human technology, and his full slide deck posted here, are worth a gander
psychology  ethics  tech  post 
23 days ago
Designing women: Essay
(About women in design, not Delta Burke)
design  women  post 
23 days ago
Prototype the Future of Your Business With This 4-Step Design Exercise
"[R]ather than viewing the future as something that happens to you and can’t be controlled, you adopt the mindset that you can influence what happens, asking, 'What future do we want to create? And how do we reverse engineer the pathway to get there?'"
post  business  design 
27 days ago
The Rising U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Demands Action from Employers
"The business community has a unique opportunity to leverage its health care purchasing power to improve maternity care"
health  healthcare  post  women 
27 days ago
An FBI Behaviour Expert Explains How to Quickly Build Trust With Anyone
"You can also project confidence in a conversation by making eye contact for about 60 to 70 percent of your interaction with someone." Got it *sets timer*
post  growth  psychology 
28 days ago
Tech’s Best Feature: The Off Switch
"Every week, it’s like a valve of pressure releases from the daily bombardment of interesting facts, articles, and tidbits I consume daily as I travel on this info-rocket of discovery, procrastination, productivity and then, eventually overload."
post  tech  psychology 
4 weeks ago
The Quiet Power of Sound Design
I learned a word: skeuomorphism = designing things to mimic their real-world counterparts (e.g. the sound of crumpled-up paper hitting a wastebasket when you move a file to Trash)
post  tech  design 
5 weeks ago
What does the panopticon mean in the age of digital surveillance?
Don’t mind me; I’m just spending a Saturday morning casually googling “panopticon”
history  post  cybersecurity 
5 weeks ago
Hey Cyclists: Be Nice to Pedestrians | Outside Online
"...we have much more in common with pedestrians than we do with motorists... so when someone on a bike affronts a pedestrian it feels like more of a personal betrayal."
bicycles  urban  post 
6 weeks ago
No distractions -- An NFL veteran opens up on his sexuality
I didn't know who this was, but this is important, and beautifully written
gay  sports  post 
7 weeks ago
G7 Summit gives $251 million to support African women entrepreneurs
According to the African Development Bank Group, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportion of women entrepreneurs (1 in 4), and women reinvest up to 90% of their income to their communities (compared with 40% for men)
global  women  finance  post 
7 weeks ago
An Interview with Lily Waite, founder of The Queer Brewing Project
"Whilst it is shaking off its bearded-bro image, there’s still relatively little positive representation of LGBTQ people, and if you can’t see it, you can’t be it"
beer  queer  alcohol  post 
8 weeks ago
State gun laws, graded from A to F
Stronger gun laws = lower gun violence mortality. Why are we still debating this?
data  law  post 
8 weeks ago
Creative Types by Adobe Create
I got the "thinker": "You can see the big picture and the deeper meaning of almost any situation in a way that few others can. Your biggest challenges? Getting out of your head and learning to balance theory with practice"
art  design  post 
10 weeks ago
What Are Eichlers and Why Do People Love Them?
Fun facts: Eichler was a developer, not an architect, and he was from the Bronx, not California
architecture  home  post 
11 weeks ago
Mellody Hobson of Ariel Investments: "Capitalism Needs to Work for Everyone"
File under "Interesting people I should have known about before now"
post  women  finance  money 
12 weeks ago
Even Top Workplaces face problems with diversity and pay gaps
Lots of examples of actionable (and mostly simple) solutions here: offer higher referral bonuses for new female recruits, increase transparency of the path to promotion, publicize pay gaps to help create accountability, set salary at 90-100% of market rate
gender  work  money  post  women 
12 weeks ago
The High Price of Multitasking
"People will choose to multitask. But we should, at the very least, be fully aware of how that choice affects us and the potential consequences for ourselves and others."
psychology  post  productivity 
july 2019
(Video) Golden Girls Gospel Remix
Sometimes I pull this up if I'm feeling sad
smile  post 
july 2019
To Reduce Hospital Noise, Researchers Create Alarms That Whistle and Sing
"A cardiac monitor rang out in a tone close to the musical note of C, clashing with a distant device wailing in a high-pitched F sharp, creating what’s called the devil’s interval, a dissonance so chilling that medieval churches forbade it"
post  medicine  design 
july 2019
An Updated Toolkit to Address Burnout
"Stress + Rest = Growth. Respect all parts of this equation."
post  psychology  work 
july 2019
Trump’s plan would make government stupid
"This is not about partisan politics; it is about making decisions based on the best available information."
government  politics  science  post 
june 2019
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