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Ten Reasons Folks Should Care About the Hyde Amendment
It's more than a little ridiculous that we still need to make a case for reproductive justice, but this is a good list
abortion  women  health  healthcare  politics  post 
18 days ago by kwon
The Rising U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Demands Action from Employers
"The business community has a unique opportunity to leverage its health care purchasing power to improve maternity care"
health  healthcare  post  women 
4 weeks ago by kwon
NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students
This is a good start to reforming medical education (open in incognito mode to read story in full if not a subscriber)
medicine  healthcare  education 
august 2018 by kwon
Once upon a time, being a doctor was great. Not anymore
Wish I could have taken care of patients in that world
healthcare  doctors  health 
february 2017 by kwon
When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes
"Just do the surgery. None of us are going to be upset with you for doing the surgery. Your bank account’s not going to be upset with you for doing the surgery.”
healthcare  medicine 
february 2017 by kwon
No Doctor Should Work 30 Straight Hours Without Sleep
We keep saying this, but the voices of those who are actually doing it are not being heard
healthcare  doctors 
december 2016 by kwon
How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place
"The first step in any design-thinking process is to understand the end-user’s experience." Designers get it. Healthcare does not
design  healthcare 
december 2016 by kwon
The More Doctors Interact, the Better Their Patients Do
Okay, but how do we encourage teamwork among doctors then?
healthcare  doctors 
november 2016 by kwon
For surgeons working in the OR, a flap over headwear
This is not an argument about headwear. This is about the increasing degradation of physician autonomy
doctors  healthcare 
september 2016 by kwon
Florida Hospitals to Cover Medical Bills for Pulse Shooting Victims
The cynic in me is suspicious of this, but I'm on board with the sentiment of generosity
gay  economics  healthcare 
august 2016 by kwon
Apple Acquires Personal Health Data Startup Gliimpse
This is promising. Translating the usability of an iPhone to the electronic health record could singlehandedly revolutionize the practice of modern clinical medicine
tech  healthcare 
august 2016 by kwon
5 things about medical record privacy as HIPAA turns 20
"When Congress passed HIPAA... in 1996, we still had paper medical records, no smart phones, and no cats with Instagram accounts." That may be the best lede ever in healthcare journalism
patients  healthcare 
august 2016 by kwon
Readers sound off on ways to reform medical schools
It's all well and good to incorporate shiny new skills like business administration and digital health into medical school curricula, but they shouldn't take away from the cornerstone of a good clinician: taking a history and performing a physical exam. Newer skills should build upon the foundation, not replace it
august 2016 by kwon
Doctors Are Burned Out by Busywork
“The introduction of computers into the examination room has the potential to shift physicians’ focus away from the patient and the human interaction,” the study authors write, “which is a source of meaning for physicians.”
healthcare  doctors  burnout 
july 2016 by kwon
Why are doctors plagued by depression and suicide? A crisis comes into focus
One of my medical school classmates killed himself a month after the match. Other than shock, the general sentiment was "we never saw it coming"
doctors  healthcare  suicide 
july 2016 by kwon

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