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Ten Reasons Folks Should Care About the Hyde Amendment
It's more than a little ridiculous that we still need to make a case for reproductive justice, but this is a good list
abortion  women  health  healthcare  politics  post 
19 days ago by kwon
Designing women: Essay
(About women in design, not Delta Burke)
design  women  post 
28 days ago by kwon
The Rising U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Demands Action from Employers
"The business community has a unique opportunity to leverage its health care purchasing power to improve maternity care"
health  healthcare  post  women 
4 weeks ago by kwon
G7 Summit gives $251 million to support African women entrepreneurs
According to the African Development Bank Group, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportion of women entrepreneurs (1 in 4), and women reinvest up to 90% of their income to their communities (compared with 40% for men)
global  women  finance  post 
7 weeks ago by kwon
Mellody Hobson of Ariel Investments: "Capitalism Needs to Work for Everyone"
File under "Interesting people I should have known about before now"
post  women  finance  money 
july 2019 by kwon
Even Top Workplaces face problems with diversity and pay gaps
Lots of examples of actionable (and mostly simple) solutions here: offer higher referral bonuses for new female recruits, increase transparency of the path to promotion, publicize pay gaps to help create accountability, set salary at 90-100% of market rate
gender  work  money  post  women 
july 2019 by kwon
White Women, Come Get Your People
“These are the kind of women who think that being falsely accused of rape is almost as bad as being raped.”
women  politics  dystopia 
october 2018 by kwon
Alternate Rom-Com Endings if the Heroines had Therapists
"Pretty Woman: Vivian begins seeing a therapist who helps her realize that taking her to see an opera about a dying sex worker with a slut-shamey rich boyfriend is a pretty manipulative move. Plus that whole thing with snapping her fingers in the jewelry box."
funny  women  movies  satire 
august 2018 by kwon
Women's Pockets are Inferior
I've complained about this for years. Finally, the receipts!
women  sexism  society  fashion  gender  data 
august 2018 by kwon
I have cancer. Don't tell me you're sorry
Sharp perspective from Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel
health  women 
january 2018 by kwon
A Refuge for Jae-in Doe: Fugues in the Key of English Major
Beautiful piece (and perhaps the cleverest essay title I've seen all year)
january 2018 by kwon
This Is a Man Problem
"We have to focus on recognizing an imbalance of power during sexual dynamics so that men better understand the implicit 'no' even when women don’t feel empowered to articulate a 'no.'"
women  patriarchy 
november 2017 by kwon
Slashed Beauty: On Female Masks in The Skin I Live In, Eyes Without a Face, and Under the Skin
"Put another way: women aren’t the stories you think their bodies tell you. Our bodies aren’t battlegrounds for your life lessons."
women  writing 
november 2017 by kwon
The Problem with the #MeToo Campaign
"The problem is not that women have trouble considering themselves victims of sexual violence, but that men have trouble considering themselves the aggressor."
rape  society  women  sexism  crime 
october 2017 by kwon
I was not protected from Harvey Weinstein. It’s time for institutional change
I like that this opinion piece has action points. Thanks Jenny Schecter
women  sexism 
october 2017 by kwon
Excerpts from the All-Girl Remake of “Lord of the Flies”
“And another thing,” Jackie said. “Should we have a rule that whoever has the conch gets to speak? You know, so no one gets interrupted?” "But who,” ventured Simone, “is here to interrupt us?”
literature  women  funny  feminism  satire 
september 2017 by kwon
Lorena Bobbitt Is Done Being Your Punchline
It must be both cathartic and infuriating to Lorena that only now is her side of the story being told, 20+ years on. Shows that the media has made some progress (and by extension we as a society) but there's still a long way to go
crime  women  feminism 
december 2016 by kwon
The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn
“I wish it wasn’t always ‘As the father of a daughter’ or ‘As the husband of a wife.’ I wish it were ‘This kind of assault on someone’s dignity bothers me as a human being with a soul and a conscience.’ ”
women  society  law  misogyny 
november 2016 by kwon
When Eve and Eve Bit the Apple
A beautifully written and honest story, appropriately filed under Modern Love
religion  relationships  women 
november 2016 by kwon
Louis CK is all in for Hillary
A bit late, but he still sums up my feelings on the whole thing (as always)
women  politics  video  comedy 
november 2016 by kwon
Jess Lee of Polyvore joins Sequoia Capital as its 11th investing partner
I love her story: from avid Polyvore user to Polyvore employee to Polyvore CEO to Sequoia investor
women  tech 
october 2016 by kwon
For Many Women, Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Brings Memories of Abuse
Reminds me of the saying that not all men hurt women, but all women have been hurt by men
women  rape  politics 
october 2016 by kwon
Donald and Billy on the Bus
"But here is the thing, the big thing, that Paul D. Ryan and Reince Priebus and Mike Pence and all the spineless Billy Bushes of the world (and plenty of progressive men too, for that matter) don’t understand: Most of you are no better than Mr. Trump; you are just more subtle."
women  misogyny  politics 
october 2016 by kwon
Ali Wong’s Radical Raunch
Hero. Also, this quote from her mom, when asked if Ali was funny growing up, is everything: “I don’t know. I had four kids. So I was busy.”
comedy  asian  women 
september 2016 by kwon
Gene Wilder Was Right: Gilda Radner Didn’t Have To Die, And We Need To Talk About Why She Did
Radner's ovarian cancer diagnosis, which eventually killed her at age 42, was delayed despite symptoms of vaginal bleeding, weight loss, pelvic pain, and infertility because of what sounds like misattribution to anxiety, depression, constipation, viral infection, and so on and so forth. It's easier to blame the individual doctors responsible, but the underlying problem is unconscious bias against gender medicine
health  women 
august 2016 by kwon
#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou public awareness campaign
"Maybe he is your boyfriend, dad, friend, or a she"
women  society  relationships 
august 2016 by kwon
Watch Hillary Clinton Endure 40 Years Of Sexism In Under 3 Minutes
I would hope that asking such overtly sexist questions isn't as acceptable these days, but unfortunately it seems it may be in some circles (i.e., mainstream media)
politics  women 
august 2016 by kwon
President Barack Obama on Feminism, Michelle, and His Daughters
He's such a dad. But, like, the kind of dad who's also your best friend. And the leader of the free world.
feminism  politics  women 
august 2016 by kwon
You Can Be Anti-Trump Without Slut-Shaming Melania
Yes. I hate how dirty this campaign is, on both sides
women  politics 
august 2016 by kwon
'He was trying to kill me': echoes of Brock Turner in another case with same judge
Another example of the infuriating but unsurprising reality that abuse victims tend to be taken less seriously when they are minorities, immigrants, or in a domestic relationship with an abuser. Also, how is this judge still on the bench?!
law  assault  women 
august 2016 by kwon

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