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Open Source Guides
"Learn how to launch and grow your project."
opensource  bestpractices  community  guide 
february 2018 by l0b0
Ask Puppet
"Puppet DevOps Q&A Community"
Puppet  devops  Q&A  community 
august 2016 by l0b0
Cambridge in Colour
"Photography Tutorials & Learning Community"
photography  tutorials  tips  community 
january 2015 by l0b0
"clearing the path to a Free/Libre/Open world"
funding  opensource  community  projects 
december 2014 by l0b0
Linux Voice
"The magazine that gives back to the free software community"
*****  magazine  Linux  community  software  hardware  programming 
october 2014 by l0b0
"Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community"
infographics  visualization  community 
november 2013 by l0b0
Planet Minecraft
"Texture Packs, Skins, Projects, Servers & Blogs"
textures  skins  projects  servers  blogs  Minecraft  community 
september 2011 by l0b0
"The Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control Community"
opensource  software  photography  motioncontrol  hardware  community 
june 2011 by l0b0
"open-source community-based tools for learning"
CMS  opensource  PHP  software  e-learning  free  LMS  community  collaboration  education  online  teaching  web2.0  courseware 
august 2010 by l0b0
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