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Made something I think would look good as enamel pins ✨
5 days ago
PowerShell and Graph examples for group licensing - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
Get all groups with licenses
You can find all groups with any license assigned by running the following command:


Get-MsolGroup | Where {$_.Licenses}
More details can be displayed about what products are assigned:


Get-MsolGroup | Where {$_.Licenses} | Select `
ObjectId, `
DisplayName, `
@{Name="Licenses";Expression={$_.Licenses | Select -ExpandProperty SkuPartNumber}}
office365  powershell  licenses 
10 days ago
I have been immensely enjoying watching and his traffic fixing videos. Even though I don't play CitySkyl…
4 weeks ago
Doing a Digital Declutter – The Sweet Setup
And, is there a point in which it ceases to be helpful?
technology  life 
4 weeks ago
Git tip: How to "merge" specific files from another branch -
How to merge a specific file or files from another branch in git to the master branch.
git  dev 
10 weeks ago
Adaptive Cards
Adaptive Cards is an open source toolset that helps apps and services exchange rich snippets of native UI. Tap into an ecosystem of shared tooling, seamless integration, and native cross-platform performance on any device.
flow  office365  dev 
october 2019
Updating SharePoint Online Document Set in Microsoft Flow (including Taxonomy Field) | SharePoint YCL
This is a follow up from my previous post on Creating SharePoint Online Document Set in Microsoft Flow.

We’ve created the document set, and now we want to update some of the properties for the document set, one of which is a single value taxonomy field.

Assuming add-in only authentication has been set up and the access token has been obtained with a HTTP action and parsed into JSON, as per the previous blog post.

We now have actions after creating our document set to update the document set.
flow  SharePointOnline  office365 
october 2019
Badge Reviews
A better design for conference badges
design  events 
october 2019
Microsoft Teams How To Guide & Interactive Reference
Everybody wants a piece of the pie. Lucky you! Now you can have as much as you like with this Microsoft Teams How to Guide & Interactive Reference. Just wave your mouse over a section of the pie, click on the highlighted area, and watch for the pop-up window containing information and reference links to help you get started with MS Teams. If you have any feedback on how to make this “how to guide & interactive reference” better or would like to add a quality piece of content you have written included on it, just complete and submit the feedback form at the bottom of the page. Bon appétit!
teams  office365 
october 2019
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